Flash (R)evolution

I am moving house. Well, apartment to house. Still renting, but I am spreading out, sort of.

Whenever I move I find stuff – lots of writing especially. I write a lot, but it doesn’t mean I type it, or file it properly, or share it.

The discipline is in the order, not the action for me. I don’t know when I wrote this, I suspect right before moving to Arizona, 2006/2007, while I was leaving my husband and living in a basement in Brooklyn.

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The Power to Dream – The People Have It

This video was shared with me by a friend.

Do you have a creative activity that you do just for yourself? Is there one (or more) that you do for others?

Do you have a creative hero? If so, What does that person do that inspires you? Can you see yourself taking a hero’s journey?

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Repost from Amanda Palmer: Women Who Slay the Balance

My own additions to this list, which I imagine will continue to grow: Elizabeth Warren, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley, Margaret Atwood, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Emma Goldman, Isadora Duncan, Toni Morrison, Maya Stein, Rama Jyoti Vernon, and Sharon Gannon.

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