Sunbaked and Peeling

This is how my skin feels if I don’t reapply my sunscreen throughout the day up in the desert mountains. Flagstaff, AZ.

Seriously, this visage is haunting. It is the first time I noticed it, too, maybe because the leaves are beginning to fall, so now it is not so hidden. Considering the fight over the San Francisco Peaks and the tradition of bigotry against the indigenous people of this region—and that tradition is going strong—haunting is appropriate.

Compromise is not a weakness!

Been working on a profile about my partner for work (NAU is featuring him because he is an amazing artist, he graduated with honors, and his life story is fascinating—whew—talk about a quintessentially American life). It’s not easy – I can only use about 700 words!

So my work has been on my mind today – and of course – the Democratic National Convention. Took a break and listened to Bill’s speech today – and man – the 90s were so good for me. So I listened to the DNC on my way home, and watched President Obama tonight.

Handsome, brilliant, eloquent. I want to see what can happen in the next four years.

First Family!

And the beautiful and determined Gabby Giffords. Oh!

Rainbow at Sunset

And a rainbow appeared before Michelle Obama spoke this evening . . .


Beauty abounds!

photo via cell phone and instagram

I’m kind of a tomboy now

Today S told me I look like Tinkerbell and a princess. Then she said, “I don’t want to be a princess. I want to be a knight. I’m kind of a tomboy now.”

She then assured me that it is still cool for me to be a princess even though she wants to be a knight.



The sun keeps finding ways to get to my feet.

Cell phone photo with Instagram.

Reading Between the Lines

Finding art in the every day sometimes requires looking deeply into the obvious.

Sun Faded and Glowing

Open the floodgates – the kids are back.

Flagstaff went from a quiet slow moving town to a giant traffic jam in one day.

NAU has officially begun classes. The wind picked up and it was a little chilly, too. Autumn is coming.

Everyone is busy, busy, busy.

The vibe in town today was slightly hostile – I sensed road rage.

The sign seems out of place – all bright and flashing on a faded, dusty side street – but I honestly wouldn’t have known that a restaurant was even there had I not been there once.


On my way to my place in Phoenix tonight.

First dinner (at home – wait, it’s not home, but it’s home), then, the road.


Been cooking beans – and it’s a good thing I like beans because this week I haven’t had much choice!

I am grateful for beans – and I am grateful that I am happy. Life is good!

How could I not love beans when they remind me of The Who?

Clouds in the Valley

Clouds in the Valley

It’s a new moon today – a perfect time for new beginnings and making new intentions.

So many things in my life right now are new. I’m starting a new life in Phoenix for what I think will be at least the next few years. I’ve been in Flagstaff all summer, and that has been great. I’m getting set up in Phoenix now, and, at the same time I am still working in Flagstaff – so though I have a place in Phoenix I am couch surfing in Flagstaff and the Verde Valley while I apply and apply and apply for work in Phoenix. Oh!

So what new things DO I want.

1) I’m starting a photo journal of the day on my blog. It’s been a loose strange time, and I think it will be a good idea to post photos. It’s grounding for me.

Today’s photo is the mist rising in the valley. It’s been moist in the desert this summer. When I look at this image I can imagine when the mountains here were covered by ocean.

2) Continue doing morning pages.

3) Create more art – and market it – and sell it.

4) Get my studio/gallery in Phoenix set up for reiki and yoga and card reading and art showing! Reiki table, decor, floor mats.

5) Prepare for my next online writing course – and create more video instruction!

6) More yoga training – get funds together for October’s Neurogenic Yoga Training in California

7) Hair cut.

8) Take yoga classes.

9) Make new home home-y – and get lots and lots of plants!

10) Find out about permaculture/sustainability efforts in Phoenix.

11) Find a writer’s group, or some good classes.

12) Check out the music scene – start a band.

13) A JOB in Phoenix that pays well, allows me to be creative, and where I have fun.

Lucky Thirteen!

Of couse – get and give more lovin’!

Excerpt from Anne Ortelee’s Astrological Weather Report for today:
Give yourself permission to change. Moon has a working closing aspect with Mars so you can accomplish amazing things if you start them under this New Moon. Mercury’s parallel to Neptune encourages you to articulate your dream. Great day to put time in on a dream board or vision of what you want. Sun has a sesquiquadrate to Pallas suggesting your ego doesn’t quite believe it is possible. No worries. Just put it out there. The universe works miracles when we let it and get the hell out of the way.

What changes do you want to make? Feel free to share!