Juicy Living, Humble Freedom, and Caroline Myss

Myss has a fierce way of cutting through the hypocrisy of people who call themselves spiritual but then are able to turn around and knowingly (or worse, unknowingly – especially through willful ignorance) harm another person. She cuts through the “fluff” (and the serious stuff, too, like greed and fear and politics) that builds up and eventually becomes heavy enough to obscure our individual destinies.

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No politics, no religion, just compassion

Cauhide is a place that I imagine doesn’t get many “outside” visitors. It was wonderful to be welcomed there, and to not have an agenda other than to ease some distress in a place where the suffering of people is largely ignored.

Below is a video of Healer2Healer volunteer and reiki practitioner, Lynda D’amico. Though we share the same reiki teacher (Geordie Numata), I first met Lynda in the Amazon rainforest. Immediately I was struck by her gentle energy, and we became fast friends.

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4th of July

I was not prepared for this no-picnic picnic,
nor for sailors nor cyclists nor circus freaks
flying flags lost in the crowded firmament.
But this sphere is an image,
whether it be solid, liquid or gas
a holographic bubble densely curling
under the weight of its no-substance surface
ready to bust.

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