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They call her “The Claw”

I was going to say something about crabby hair, but that just sounds like an STD.


Arizona Sky

Camp Verde sunset.


Best Job in the World

No, I'm not gonna get all Hallmark® and say, "The best job in the world is being a mom."


Reading Between the Lines

Finding art in the every day sometimes requires looking deeply into the obvious.


Getting my stuff out of T-Town, T-Town style.

When Matagi kissed me good-bye this morning he said, "Enjoy the workshop!" And about ten minutes after he left I knew I'd be going to Tucson.


Desert Condo Bungalow

The Swinging 70s outdoor lobby of the building where I've been slowly moving for my new home, complete with Yin Yang Kokopelli Sun wall hanging. I love it in a sick way. Groovy.


Sun Faded and Glowing

The kids are back. Flagstaff went from a quiet slow moving town to a giant traffic jam in one day. NAU has officially begun classes. The wind picked up and it was a little chilly, too. Autumn is coming.


Joy Ride

They don't call it the Verde River for nothing! (I know - I'm in the middle of a desert!!!) A canal at the beginning of the path. I walked down the path a little way and the grass was several feet taller than my head. I felt like I could have been in the Amazon. I met this cool cat while I was out. He reminds me of my kitty Tiger, but much more calm. Buddha Kitty with a sweet mew.


Beauty is Everywhere

Beauty is everywhere. All you have to do is look.


Tuesday Afternoon R & R: Rogers and Ross

The Garden of Your Mind - Mr. Rogers and Happy Little Clouds (Every Day's A Good Day When You Paint) - Bob Ross