They call her “The Claw”

She’s got claws for afro-puffs!

I was going to say something about crabby hair, but that just sounds like an STD.

This is a sticker on rusted re-bar.

Lately, I’m obsessed with hair. Getting mine cut on Friday by Salvador Calvano – going for a whole new look!

Arizona Sky

Camp Verde sunset.

(c) Holly Troy 2012

Best Job in the World

No, I’m not gonna get all Hallmark® and say, “The best job in the world is being a mom.”

This guy has the best job in the world. He’s a club kid on Nickelodeon!

Reading Between the Lines

Finding art in the every day sometimes requires looking deeply into the obvious.

Getting my stuff out of T-Town, T-Town style.

The Adventures of Moving on A Super-tight Budget!

I’ve been spending the weekend in my groovy new pad in Phoenix and have been loving it!

Last night I saw there was a talk at Changing Hands Bookstore by energetic healer (and RN) Marie Manuchehri, whose book, Intuitive Self-Healing, I just happened to be reading. I am getting new insights from this book and am enjoying the reading – so it was really cool to be able to pop on down to a talk! (As my friend Robert Alvarez would say, “Coincidence? Yeah right!”). I’m so glad I went, because Marie’s vibe was so lovely and she was incredibly at ease with her intuitive abilities. Inspiring!

Marie is from Seattle, so I don’t know when she’ll be in town again, but I highly recommend checking her out if she comes through your town and you’re into energetic healing, etc. She had a workshop today that I missed – because I was moving my stuff out of Tucson (taking care of the first chakra)!

A friend of ours with a pick-up truck offered to help us move . . .

Now I am so glad I was meticulous about boxing everything.

Yes there is a couch and a bed Tetris-ed into that cab! I also Tetris-ed my car. We stopped to get lunch. People laughed.

No, we didn’t manage to get everything . . . there is always next weekend. (We have to deal with the matter of a new bed from Tucson furniture store Sam Levitts – a whole other story.)

When Matagi kissed me good-bye this morning he said, “Enjoy the workshop!” And about ten minutes after he left I knew I’d be going to Tucson.

My job was to follow the truck to Phoenix. Good thing, too, since I rescued one couch cushion from the side of the highway – our only almost-casualty.

Bonus: I listened to the Cars and Chaka Khan on my way home and imagined being in a band again.

Phew! That was hard work. I’m stinky! Gotta have a shower.

Desert Condo Bungalow



The Swinging 70s outdoor lobby of the building where I’ve been slowly moving for my new home, complete with Yin Yang Kokopelli Sun wall hanging and plastic plant.

I love it in a sick way.


Sun Faded and Glowing

Open the floodgates – the kids are back.

Flagstaff went from a quiet slow moving town to a giant traffic jam in one day.

NAU has officially begun classes. The wind picked up and it was a little chilly, too. Autumn is coming.

Everyone is busy, busy, busy.

The vibe in town today was slightly hostile – I sensed road rage.

The sign seems out of place – all bright and flashing on a faded, dusty side street – but I honestly wouldn’t have known that a restaurant was even there had I not been there once.


On my way to my place in Phoenix tonight.

First dinner (at home – wait, it’s not home, but it’s home), then, the road.

Joy Ride

My time in Northern Arizona is coming to an end very soon. I already have a place in Phoenix, but have been easing my way down there as I get a job in the city. I am excited about some possibilities! Also, I am setting up my studio for not only art, but reiki and yoga and workshops (stay tuned).

I’ve been in the Verde Valley for almost two weeks now – often I come home as the sun is just beginning to set. It is beautiful here! I am astounded every evening.

Tonight, I decided to check out a trail at the bottom of the road in Old Town Cottonwood for photos. I wasn’t quite sure how to get there, but I thought I remembered. No GPS – let’s just go!

The journey was so beautiful I wasn’t even worried if I found it.

This road seemed to be going in the right direction – downhill! They don’t have skies like this back east (I pulled over to take this pic):

By the time I did find the old part of town, I realized I was out for a joy ride. And then it dawned on me that I hadn’t gone for a joy ride since my car accident in 2009! Since then, driving was a tense and painful experience for me.

It felt so good to be out!

They don’t call it the Verde River for nothing! (I know – I’m in the middle of a desert!!!) A canal at the beginning of the path.

I walked down the path a little way and the grass was several feet taller than my head. I felt like I could have been in the Amazon.

I met this cool cat while I was out. He reminds me of my kitty Tiger, but much more calm. Buddha Kitty with a sweet mew.

I took so many pictures, but I won’t post them all.

Absolutely marveling at the beauty all around me. 

© Holly Troy August 22, 2012

Beauty is Everywhere




Beauty is where you look for it.

iPhone photos and Instagram.