Treasure in a Book on a Saturday Afternoon

In the book I found not one, but two, band flyers from when I played with the Moldy Dogs in 1999. The Moldy Dogs had been around in different incarnations since the 70s (maybe even the late 60s). This version was Paul Major, Wolf Roxon, and me.

Paul Major and Wolf Roxon are two of the most talented and prolific songwriters and musicians I have ever met, let alone played with. Between the two of them, I’d say that they have about 2000 original songs. They are both incredible guitar players – and man – they can sing harmonies! We had a lot of three-part harmonies happening, and if the key wasn’t the best for my voice, they’d just change the key! Wow! What a concept! No bitching and moaning, or telling me that the key of D is what sounds best for guitar.

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