Donuts, Aquarius, and The Shadow – Dancing with the Echoes of Eternity

Grief and the shadow have been staring me down. I’m seeing patterns, and more and more, time feels less linear to me, spherical, maybe even donut-shaped. Addiction, alienation, secrets, power, sexuality, envy, fear – the stuff we keep hidden – I’ve been circling around the subjects and diving through. I feel like I’ve been breaking […]

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Scorpio 2014 – Writing the Energetic Body

Mostly, I invite you to have fun! I am looking forward to seeing creative energies flowing. Although the prompts are linked in some way to the chakras, I encourage you to let go and just write whatever comes to you.

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2nd Chakra and the New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer is about our emotional and intuitive nature, the need to nurture and connect, and our empathy toward others. Being a cardinal water sign, Cancer Moon is about taking action, especially in the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of life. Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon, hence, the connection with […]

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Notes on Sex and the Energetic Body

“We are connected more deeply and profoundly than we realize (see quantum physics). In our culture, we have become caught up in an illusion of our own isolation. In many cases we have forgotten to connect with one another, rely on one another, and help one another.

The first chakra is about our survival, our connection to the earth, our libido, and our connection to our tribe, including but not limited to our children, our parents, grandparents, ancestors, and those who we chose to connect with. Our survival depends on the earth and our connection to one another—connecting to those in our “tribe”. Through the first chakra, we have an opportunity to come together in comm-unity in a very physical way.” – Sydney Francis

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Reflections on – Going Deep, Sojourn at the Underworld

Some of our big questions are, “Where do we find our power in this society without losing our humanity, creativity, sexual energy, time for love, personal relationships and nature? How do we heal trauma so that we may experience our lives fully in the moment? How do we survive financially without trading over or losing our power?”

Now I am feeling happy and energized to get back to work on our writing. I spent the weekend in the wilderness with my partner where we enjoyed one another and the world around us. I felt safe and relaxed, and finally caught up on sleep! And I breathed fresh air, and sat by a fire, and spent prolonged periods in the moment – marveling at the beauty of the stars, at the sound of water and birds and grasshoppers, and at the love and appreciation of another human being.

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Rooting in the First Chakra

Sydney Francis and I are embarking on a vast project for releasing shame from our physical and bliss bodies, and inviting joy, love, and full-bodied empowerment into our lives. We are beginning this endeavor with a ritual that is a practice in deeply grounding our right to be safe, loved, happy, blissful, and comfortable with our sexuality, creativity, intellect, love . . . basically it’s a celebration for the essence of what makes us each unique as well as part of the larger consciousness.

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EVENT: Going Deep ~ Sojourn at the Underworld

Sojourn at the Underworld is an experiential ceremony where participants will:

– be led through a guided mediation that will awaken the mind-body connection;
– guided along a physical passage for releasing what is longer needed for this transitional time of the year and of our lives;
– learn techniques for grounding, being in the moment, for releasing emotional residue, and for setting intentions;
– explore the energies for this earth cycle;
– ground our “right to be” who we are as unique and communal beings on this planet;
– will practice and learn techniques for drawing in what we want to have in our lives;
– integrate the experience;
– share community and feast with the spirits!

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“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in your revolution.”

People still do not understand that violence against women is one of the central issues of our time. They think about poverty or violence or racism or global warming, but then you realize many of the people taking the lead to fight against those things are women. If the women are battered and destroyed, who will be here to fight for life? – Eve Ensler

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Second Chakra Flier . . . Old School

Temple of the Divine Mother – above Sacred Rites
4 North San Francisco Street ~ Flagstaff, AZ
Tuesday evenings ~ 6pm to 8 pm

The space at the temple is full of good vibes.

November 30th: 2nd Chakra – This is where we experience the power of relationships. We will explore pleasure, sexuality, emotions, and the desire to create.

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