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American Sentence Day 29/108

light seems solid photo: Holly Troy


Born on a Thursday #29: Summer! Love!

I found these succulents turning red along a crack in the sidewalk—change and beauty in an unlikely place. Where do you find beauty in unlikely places?


My Cheer for 2013

When I was a little girl waking up in the morning for school, my mom used to say to me in a gentle voice, "Come on . . . It's time to rise and shine!"



Stripes The sun keeps finding ways to get to my feet. Cell phone photo with Instagram.


3rd Chakra Stimulation on December 7th ~

Writing the Energetic Body™: Third Chakra on December 7th Writing the Energetic Body™ at the Temple of the Divine Mother 4 North San Francisco Street ~ Flagstaff, AZ Tuesday evenings ~ 6pm to 8pm I have been having a blast offering my very first extended version of Writing the Energetic Body™ at The Temple of ...