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in in in the body

Go in, press in, to get out. unfuck yourself - photo by Julie Spodeck

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Shining Your Light

Winter means the return of the light! Shine on! photo: Holly Troy

Ground In Love

Love is constant - just look. photo: Holly Troy

American Sentence – Day 32 of 108

more accidental intrusion photo: Holly Troy

American Sentence Day 29/108

light seems solid photo: Holly Troy

American Sentence ~ Day 27/108

it made me sad to be an intruder

American Sentence ~ Day 26/108

even when I ride alone, I am not alone

108 Days of American Sentence – Day 9

there is only one sure thing in life.


Born on a Thursday #51 – Grief. Loss. Winter.

I also want to get a good camera and get into the woods and take photos. I need to buy some equipment (both photography and camping gear and probably, eventually, gulp, a vehicle).