SAy WHat you Feel

The 2nd chakra is where kundalini release begins – orgasm, exercise (movement, fluidity), and creativity. This is where we begin to put ourselves out to the world – we take what we experience and reflect on it. We move beyond the tribe. We like to make things, and push boundaries and we develop our unique “taste” for things.

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Sunday Sea Change

Almost winter and the Lofi Sofias got a backyard rehearsal in. My Butterscotch Candy Telecaster stayed in time despite the chilly air.

We had so much fun. I love playing with my band!

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Wednesday Writing Prompt 18 – choices choices

“You become who you choose to be. Yet, fully choosing who you are and will become is rare. We’ve been brainwashed into believing we don’t have such a choice. Facing the responsibility and freedom of choosing your own way is, indeed, scary.” – Benjamin Hardy

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