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Dreaming of Color on a Cold White Day – Music Monday

colors feel like happiness right now

Music Monday ~ Five Years Photo Credit: Masayoshi Sukita

Who likes to have fun – Music Monday

Kieth Moon (photographer unknown)

In the meantime, Flash Dance – American Sentence Day 71 of 108

No matter how much we want to hold on, everything changes.

get together ~ music monday

pure joy. pure magic. (image of Joni Mitchell by Jack Robinson)

Night Songs – Music Monday

Classic! Bruce Springsteen Photo: Tom Hill/WireImage

Can’t Get Enough Patti Smith – Music Monday

Patti Smith is one of my favorite artists. She inspires me every time I hear her music or read her work or hear her speak. Sensitive, passionate soul.

Unbleached mottled memory

Growing up, I felt like a boy. When I discovered David Bowie, something beyond gender stirred in me. He cracked open a snake egg in my spine and my nervous system squirmed. His voice took me out of my body and put me in the stars.