incarnation manifestation – root wisdom

evening at forbidden meadow - holly troy 2016

Love yourself. Love your body. Love Mama Earth. Love one another. Love. Remain in your body, meet the world in Love.

What do you want to make real? You have the right to be here – what do you want to do with your physical time on the planet?

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Having a Place

I came across this essay while pulling a manuscript together. It was written in the spring of 2009. I’ve left Flagstaff and come back twice since then. I love this place – and since I ride my bicycle almost everywhere I go, my relationship to Flagstaff has changed from when I drove everywhere. I’ve slowed […]

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Villanelle – Pressing Against Chaos

Wish I Were the Earth Wish I were the earth could open my mouth and swallow the blur. Turn a wail to a purr in my warm dark house if I were the earth. A natural re-birth on deep stable ground if I could swallow the blur. Wouldn’t leave me to murmur my pain in […]

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