hoodoo you love (repost)

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

When we are growing up, most of us do not have a choice about whom we spend our time with until we start making friends in school. We are surrounded and influenced by our families and/or caretakers. (Some people would argue that we do choose our families before we are born, and maybe that will work for this post as well. Whatever you believe is fine).
Think about the five people (human or animal or vegetable) you spend the most time with right now. Who are they? Do you deliberately spend time with them? Are they your loved ones? What about the people you work with? Do you have children? Basically, what is your relationship with these people? Are your relationships satisfying, inspiring, and vibrant? What is your choice in having these relationships – do you feel you have one?

List ten qualities that you like about each of the five people you spend the most time with. List ten qualities you don’t like. Is there a pattern? Can you see yourself as a mirror to these people, and vice versa? Do any of the immediate five people in your life inspire you? Do any of the relationships drain you? Is there anything you’d like to change about the dynamics of your relationships? Are there any people you’d like to spend more time with? Less time with? Is it possible to make subtle shifts to allow new people into your sphere of influence?

If you’d like to look back at your childhood, you may also do this same exercise with your family. What ten qualities did you like about the people in your life then, what ten qualities did you not like? Are the dynamics of your early sphere of influence affecting your current sphere of influence?

Who do you wish to surround yourself with? What do you imagine their qualities to be? Are they qualities you already possess, or qualities you aspire to have? What kinds of steps can you take in order to make those changes?

I’d love to hear your responses – feel free to comment!



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small town memory

Rusty, the magic goldfish, watched the cat watching him through the fishbowl. I am uncomfortable at my job.

How do we resolve what happens to sisters?

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when i saw my father after 30 years

He can dance. We danced to some love song that was probably in DIRTY DANCING. He crooned to me while we danced. This Dad of mine, this Dad I never knew. I was having fun but was a little uncomfortable, too — I felt more as if I was on a blind date than at my half-brother’s wedding being reunited with my Dad after 30 years of no contact.

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things I didn’t know I loved

I didn’t know I loved the way Grandpa was so proud of his organic tomatoes, how he’d make a fuss about them being home grown—better than store bought.

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