Backworld slipping is not an option

“Creativity ignited a spark. In that moment, I saw that art is not peripheral, beauty is not optional, but a strategy for survival.” – Terry Tempest Williams

I walked away a long time ago so that I could find out who I am.

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Born on a Thursday #45 – Brother Can You Spare a Song?

So long Peter Seeger! Thank you for your voice and your heart! I never had much, but I did have music, and music is what kept me going when the world was a cold cold place. I remember literally freezing and starving on the Lower East Side, but the spirit of music kept me going. You believed music could save the world – and it saved mine. I am grateful for your life, Mr. Seeger, bodhisattva, and all those you’ve inspired.

I don’t know whether to smile or cry.

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Whitman and Dickinson Compared: The Power of Expansion and Contraction

Self-expression and self-identity are equivalent to Freedom and Liberty. Therefore, an American could consider writing poetry a patriotic act. At a time when the nation was falling apart over its struggle for the equality of men, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson were translating their experience through poetry. Their ability to bear witness to their lives enriches our understanding of the issues that affected Americans in the mid-nineteenth century, and how men and women expressed those issues.

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We need a new ritual ~ or: Something Jimi Knew

(Written while listening to Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner pre-Obama and despite Obama. Re-posted from Writing the Energetic Body). What would Jimi Hendrix think of the world if he were alive now? Where did the freedom go? He knew how to use Ritual Chaos. Not the same as the pounding fast thrash of […]

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