April 2020 – Isolation Song 18 – Turn of the Century

Turn of the Century by Paul Perreault

Hang in there everybody!

Be free. Harm none. Take care.

Turn of the Century

I feel a weight coming over me
From my head to my heels
A weight coming over me
Which way to turn
Through this century

Peace, love, and liberty
or the misery

Take care, take care, take care
All you sons and brothers
Take care, take care, take care
of your fathers and mothers

Hey sister, have you got room for another
Take care, take care, take care
of one another

This land of the free
In a brave new century
Hey, what’s it gonna be
The free or the misery
The free or the misery

So far, we stumble through this century
As we grow into our own exponentially

Where what you see is what you dream to be
The future is not ours to see
The free or the misery
The free or the misery

I feel a weight coming over me . . .

-– Paul Perreault

So much love! So much love!!




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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

35 thoughts on “April 2020 – Isolation Song 18 – Turn of the Century

  1. What I’m wondering about, is, instead of waiting for the studio open up, as if you’re dependent on them…mis there an “inspect your expectations” gig going on? Where, you record an album in situ? Right where you guys are? An album for the Age of NOW, rather than an album for the Ages because it was produced in a studio? Just wondering. Just acclimating to now in the Art Is Always Valid way, and now will alway be now kinda thing.

    Simply a thought. Curious how you two resonate with or or capitalize on it if it strikes chords to resonate with you.


  2. Looks like NOT Void Of Course Moon for the New Moon energies is 3:36 – 3:37p EST on 4/22 (New Moon) through 8:43p on 4/24 is the Void of Course Moon interstice for release — of your Workshop? I’m working towards utilizing it for the gig I have planned — yes, still secretive with no clues to let out yet.

    Of course only if you buy the Void Of Course as an Astro timing tool. Just a thought. I’m minding it for what I have to issue/release for the New Moon energies. Void Of Course is a bit of a bully in regards to timing, as sometimes it happens SO frequently, though this year I’m viewing it when it’s NOT there as a “the clouds cleared” quality, and hitting/scheduling “Publish” accordingly. Just a thought. Plus, it sidesteps the overbearing stream right AT the New Moon which then indicates an arbitrary reaction to the New Moon where you can get lost in the shuffle, rather than implementing a conscientious response to utilize it? There’s very much an open-ended timing question there. I like it THIS Astro timing tool, though, THIS time, as it provides me with just a little more time for some glitches I encountered last night on the road to completiion… which MAY have to now be NEXT month depending. 🙂


      1. I’ve set my deadline to be finished by 5:42p Friday when the Moon goes Void again. Came back out of Void today at half past Noon-ish, and then RELEASE at an hour after 12:19a Saturday (just after Friday midnight) as it will not go Void again until the 27th. Good amount of momentum building time so new things aren’t as buffeted by the “lunar wind-waves” and more likely stay their course.

        The gig I speak of is upgrading my WordPress site to a Premium level, monetizing a bit with a 78 ImaginAction Tarot Spreads eBook I produced a ways back, and then within approx 2 to 3 or 4 weeks, logistics not solid as everything I need to set up again not anywhere near crystal clear, open back up to offer Tarot and Astrology readings again.

        Is that the “gig” you were asking about?

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        1. I shook my head and laughed that I expressed the heart of what I’m about to release last, in a separate reply thinking, “Oh, I forgot the important part,” just previously expressed some logistics, almost like it was an afterthought. In a way it was in regards to the reply, though certainly no afterthought. I’m simply immersed in it right now, swimming in it. Which, creatively, can translate, from my perspective, into it being so big and so there close up that I can’t see it. Like the 4-charactered voices of Gawd/Goddess, or AUM(Silence). I laugh that replying from the depths with the psychic scuba gear still on… there was a “Oh, come up above water because you didn’t really respond to the nucleus and form-giver of the question/curiosity. The Place of Creation is quite a curiosity in a great way. 🙂

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      1. Cool thing about an album is… after you learn the songs, and record their performances… The “then” turns out to be now. Albums released notwithstanding Isolation or no, though. I would simply suggest planning you release schedule to avoid Void Of Course Moons. So, releasing hasn’t changed (?), though timing has because of isolation (?). I look forward to you eMusic on iTunes, etc.

        Here’s a Void Of Course Moon link with tables of dates: https://www.astrologybyjudithryan.com/2020-void-of-course-moon-ca

        I gather as an Astologer you may most likely have factored Void Of Course Moon in, though I just wanted to be sure, so you can Yay or Nay it from your own professional Astro perspective and your sense of comfortability when scheduling your release(s). 🙂

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        1. thanks!

          We were discussing recording at Mudshark Recording Studio in Flagstaff (it’s where Paul recorded his last album, and where the lofi sofias rehearse and have been laying down tracks). They are closed until all this crazy stuff calms down. Paul and I usually have a couple of other musicians we play with, a stand up bass and more vocal stuff – bit the two of us play on our own sometimes, too. 🙂

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        2. Thanks again for the VOID of Course list. I have a talk tomorrow with a group of women regarding the lunar cycles. I’m getting pretty excited about it. A few finishing touches to go – nd if I don’t crash, Astro Luna Alchemy with the lunar cycle as well as embodiment of the Taurus energy. So much experimenting!

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          1. You’re welcome, and Go You! The alchemy of experimentation. Love it.

            I hear a lot of people dismiss the Void of Course gig as, “Oh, that happens SO much, too intrusive.” I disagree. Do a chart. Come to some questions about timing where you establish a range for recommended action of say 2 to 10 to however many days. Oh, check the Void of Course Table. SaWEET, it knocked 50 – 80% of my choices right out of the picture. Then, I look more closely at the remaining days and their transits, and rather than intrusive or bulky or bullying (read in: people not simply saying, “That’s a hassle. Too much work.”) I find it to effectively limit the choices I chose to entertain.

            Bill Gates said it best. “Give your most complex problems to the laziest group on the team. They’ll usually solve it in a much simpler way than everyone else.” Funny, and also a solid strat.

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            1. Void of Course is great – total chill out time – which I do not do enough of. I shared Void of Course info with the ladies on my talk today – they LOVED having permission to relax, daydream, do as little as possible.

              I love the Bill Gates quote. My stuff can get so complex I forget what the heck I’m doing sometimes! Charts help me a ton. 🙂

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              1. 🙂 I love the Bill Gates gig as well. Lazy people aren’t;t going to want to have to do something for too long. Effin hassle. Lol Me, I’m just allergic to boredom, so I plow through, creatively or no.

                Glad the ladies on your talk loved the invite the Void gives to relax. I find it to be a time of “relaxation” to be Soul Gardener to amend the soil of my mind.

                I find Void is also a great deadline/release tool. Such as, don’t release something right BEFORE the Moon goes Void, things tend to then fall flat or have a failure to launch of no fault of their merit. I sometimes set a deadline for just prior to the VoC, and then maybe tune and tailor things during, or not, resting from that work. And, then issue or release something 30 minutes to an hour AFTER the Void end — give the Moon time to wake up naturally and get going with its Inner LunaTic cycles and ways.

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                1. And, true to this theme, I DIDN’T sign in to my Network Solutions account to purchase a domain name for my new venture. Decided, no,, keep it simple, let WordPress inform me of what outstanding things I need to do 1st. Then, I had today planned to upgrade, and this morning, the 1st email I saw was 20% off Flash Sale today only. Now, how’s THAT for serendipity and planning myself to be right here right now without a clue as to what would transpire.

                  Oops, then… I lost my website name years ago, and this summer whoever “owned” it wanted $376 for it. Neh. Come to find out, they must not have owned it, just a a 1st right of refusal or some such over a group of domains I signed into WordPress this evening, upgraded with the 20% off, and the 1st window I get is “set up your domain. Out top suggestion is…

                  Drum roll…

                  JordanHoggard.com . My eyebrows went up. Big exhale, though… let’s see. It may kick back after I say yes, and that’s understandable if so. Nope. Went live 5 seconds after I clicked to confirm. I have my name back! Strangely and wonderfully freeing and opening.

                  Anyway, the “lazy” of NOT jumping through the pre-hoops to get set up to then set, and just triggering WordPress. Then, they pretty much did everything. I just have choices to make now. I am DIGGIN’ that kind of Bill Gates lazy. 🙂

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                2. Sweet! I was just thinking about this today, how sometimes making the intention, and then doing something in your sweet time – how so often works out so well

                  Rock on!

                  Congrats on your name back, too!

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                3. Rock on YES! Rock on as well. I am digging the Tortoise & The Hare, knowing the Tortoise simply stayed the course and didn’t blow a rod or drop a transmission along the way — have played the hot lap times game plenty, previously, and that’s no longer this.

                  Still diving into the corners, though diving in with depth, slowwwwwwllllyyyyyy with care and attention.

                  “how sometimes making the intention, and then doing something in your sweet time – how so often works out so well” Yes! I feel when that timing environment you so aptly describe is honored, we steep like tea. And, I don’t know of anyone who picks up tea to drink just after the bag or mesh ball has gone in while it’s still weak, not having time to become itself. 🙂

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      2. What factors into your “then.” Certainly not the current circumstances? People need important music. That remains constant. At least that’s my perspective on gettin’ moved by magic via music. I don’t know if that’s ever changed for me as long as I can remember.

        Are you simply learning and practicing until the proper “then,” or is the current environment driving it?


        1. We have so much swirling with music – writing some new stuff and laying down tracks. many simultaneous projects happening. Paul is looking into getting some more equipment so we can keep moving along.

          As far as learning stuff – it’s all in the now. We have to keep on moving. I guess some of the stuff Paul and I do on our own mixes in with our other bands, and some do not. I had it in my head recording with the entire band – but you are right. That’s not the situation right now. It’s been a wild dance right now – claiming to be a musician, an artist, and now the world is like – ok, work with this new reality. And all you can do is say – ok.

          I guess the answer is really a combination of then and now. I appreciate your thoughts, they are encouraging me to dive deeper into my creative reality. i suppose that is part of the reason for sharing in the first place! This new way of being (the current world situation) still feels very slippery to me, though I am grounding a little more everyday. Things take me a bit longer than I am used to, I imagine I am swimming through a lot of psychic muck/trauma – we all are. more music! more meditation!

          Have a great night – be well. 🙂

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  3. DAYum! Yes! I have a new fave. Well, that’s not true. Mr. Puzzles has its own place, does’;t count here. THIS. This, rang up to notch into natural voice! So fluid, lyrics with Presence As Architecture, and the tones were wonderful. Gonna listen again now.

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