remover of obstacles print – making room

Eighteen for Eighteen – print of Ganesha

The Elephant-headed God, Ganesha, is most revered as the Remover of Obstacles. He is often the first God honored at the beginning of rituals in order to ensure all blockages to success are removed at the very start.

Invoke Lord Ganesha before your next project! Place an image of him near your altar, or anywhere you’d like energy to be free-flowing.

Saturn is moving into Scorpio. Now is the perfect time to remove articles. According to incredibly compassionate and down-to-earth astrologer Anne Ortelee:

The week ahead is designed for releasing the stuff you no longer want, desire or need. We are in the dark phase of the moon, moving toward a New Moon at 22:32 Libra next Monday. The New Moon will be the FIRST New Moon while Saturn is in Scorpio, a kind of inauguration so to speak.

Eighteen is a lucky number. There are ten of these prints left.

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Full Moon Prosperity Message from my Favorite Psychic Witch

From that point onward, I promised the Innumerable Goddesses and Angels that I serve that I would ALWAYS, no matter what, be open and receptive to ALL avenues, channels and points of income. Since that time, I have conducted more private Readings, in-person, via telephone and via Email, I have led Metaphysical Classes in new locations and with new participants, I have received lovely gifts from Loving, Spiritual and Prosperous clients, students and friends and I AM not a starving Psychic!

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