Full Moon Prosperity Message from my Favorite Psychic Witch

I just received another wonderful prosperity message from my friend Robert Alvarez. I am very grateful that he allows me to share these, because I truly do feel that he imparts little pearls of wisdom in only that way that Robert can.

This message is perfect timing for the beautiful Full Moon in Taurus (I know it is perfect for where I am, anyway). Enjoy!

As most of you may recall, I always give priority (as well as more and greater gifts) to my regular and semi-regular clients, students and friends. In addition, I reserve the “Prosperous Minds” Emails to those that participate in my Prosperity Classes.

However, between all the Money Miracles I physically manifested last month, and tonight’s Full Moon in Taurus–Sign of Money and Possessions–I AM feeling Divinely Abundant with Goddess-Graced Generosity. With that, may this “Prosperous Minds” Email Divinely Bless you with Divine Prosperity…

Recently, I met a lovely lady with whom I had a lovely conversation. I remember telling her how important it is to be open and receptive to all avenues, channels and points of income. It Re-Minded me of a challenging situation I had a few years ago.

There was a Gay bar in Greenwich Village, Manhattan where I used to give Readings. When I first began giving Readings there, it was wonderful! I averaged six to seven Readings a night, about half of the clients gave me Love Offerings (my preferred description for tips) and the Energy was good and very good. Between six months to a year after I began giving Readings there, the number of Readings decreased considerably. Sometimes, I conducted two or three Readings a night and, more often than not, it was either one or none.

This situation depressed me and frustrated me. The Prosperity Affirmations, Blessings and Decrees that I was using I began using three to thirty times more often. Again, no success. Again, more depression and frustration.

Now, I learned very early in my studies of Prosperous Thinking to completely refrain from talking about bills, expenses and financial problems with others, lest they always think of you as being financially frustrated and perennially poor. However, one night, after one particular Prosperity Class, I had a conversation with one of the participants. She gave me some good recommendations, and I began to put them into effect.

Ganesha - Remover of Obstacles and God of Abundance

This particular Prosperity Class was on a Sunday. The following Friday, as I was almost complete in readying for my night at this Gay bar, I received a telephone call from a client, one who had not availed herself of a Reading with me for more than a year. She wanted to know if I had time for a half-hour Reading. I told her that I did. Well, the half-hour Reading became a forty-five minute Reading, then a one-hour Reading, and finally it was a ninety-minute Reading.

A few moments after the telephone Reading was complete, I realized that I had received more money in ninety minutes than I had in the last nine Fridays at this particular Gay bar. I was floored, and I was happy. And, I was most thankful. A few moments after that, I realized that I had become so fixated, so obsessed with only receiving money from one particular avenue, channel or point of income, that I was damning up the walls that made it possible for me to receive Prosperity from ALL the avenues, channels and points of income. In other words, all I cared about was receiving money from this one place. That was my downfall.

Fortunately for me, I AM open and receptive to working with Deities of other Pantheons. Even now, I cannot deny that Sarasvati–the Hindu Goddess of Creativity, Eloquence and Wisdom–and Her Sister, Laxmi–the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Opulence–made it possible for me to receive the Financial Flow, and the Wondrous Wisdom, as well.

From that point onward, I promised the Innumerable Goddesses and Angels that I serve that I would ALWAYS, no matter what, be open and receptive to ALL avenues, channels and points of income. Since that time, I have conducted more private Readings, in-person, via telephone and via Email, I have led Metaphysical Classes in new locations and with new participants, I have received lovely gifts from Loving, Spiritual and Prosperous clients, students and friends and I AM not a starving Psychic!

I wholeheartedly encourage you, dear recipient of this “Prosperous Minds” Email, to look at your life and see if you are fixated, obsessed, or ongoingly frustrated with a particular avenue, channel or point of income. If you are, surrender and release the attachment to receiving money ONLY from said avenue, channel or point. I invite you to be open to all the Divine Abundance, Divine Prosperity, Divine Success and Divine Plenitude that IS your Divine Birthright and Spiritual Heritage. In addition, be open and receptive to allowing others to contribute to you. To give to you, simply because of who you are in the world, and who you are for them.

In closing, especially on this Full Moon in Taurus Night, I share with you a passage from one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors…

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, by Catherine Ponder

Chapter 18, “What About Indebtedness?”


The “attitude of gratitude” keeps Prosperity coming to you from every direction. The truth of this was brought to my attention once while lecturing in the Palm Beach, Florida area. A minister there told me that the wealthiest people in his congregation seemed to be the most appreciative for any spiritual service rendered them. He stated that often when a person of average means is hospitalized and requests a ministerial call, their opening remark to the minister is, “Where have you been? Why did it take you so long to get here?” Yet he finds that on visits to millionaires who are hospitalized, they invariably are disarmingly grateful that he had taken time to drop by to see them. He observed that his millionaire friends regularly wrote notes of thanks for any kindness received. He felt that their mental attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving was a convincing clue to their great wealth.

Never criticize or condemn anything or anyone if you wish to become debt-free and to remain debt-free. As stated in the chapter on your special powers for prosperity, the scientists now believe that everything is endowed with an innate intelligence that knows what you say, think, and feel about it. If you speak of things, people and conditions in a positive, prosperous way, you gain their subconscious cooperation. Whereas, if you criticize your world, you repel its blessings and attract only negative, limited conditions into your life. (This was pointed out in the last chapter on Charm.)

A merchant found that his merchandise was not selling, though in the past he had been quite successful. He tried holding special sales, making special offers, and other methods to sell his merchandise. Many of his accounts were overdue, on which he seemed unable to collect. He was floundering deeper into personal indebtedness. Finally, he realized that he had become quite critical of himself, his business, customers, family, neighbors, community and the world in general. It was then that he asked a friend, who knew of the power of prosperous thinking, to help him get his own thinking straightened out. The friend suggested that he begin using this statement to change his thinking: “THERE IS NO CRITICISM OR CONDEMNATION IN ME, FOR ME, OR AGAINST ME. DIVINE LOVE, WISDOM AND ORDER NOW REVEAL PERFECT GUIDANCE AND PRODUCE PERFECT RESULTS IN ME AND IN MY WORLD.”

Lakshmi - Goddess of Prosperity

With the circulation of these ideas in his thinking, this merchant developed a friendlier feeling toward his customers. Along with mailing out monthly statements of current accounts, he decided to send along note of good wishes to those who had long owed him money. The results were amazing! People with long over-due accounts began paying up! One lady sent him a check on an account she had been owing him for ten years.

The technique of getting debts paid–both those you owe and those owed to you–is first an inner work in the realm of mental attitudes. Others can be so repelled by your critical, unforgiving, condemnatory thoughts that they shrink from wanting to pay you what is owed. As you change your thinking about them, they subconsciously feel it and respond in a more positive way.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do. I AM especially thankful to those of you who regularly and semi-regularly avail yourself of my Psychic Services. And I AM especially thankful to the Innumerable Goddesses and Angels (as well as Gods, Archangels, Saints and Fairies) for Providence, Protection and Prosperity for me and mine. May all of you have a wondrous and Prosperous weekend.

Enchanted Empress Blessings, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch, and the Empowered, Wild and Free Afro-Cuban Gay Man.
212-685-2848 (Answering Service, via TRS)
thetarotman@excite.com (Email)
“The Goddess has plans for you.”

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