Nothing is Personal

It was a time when I was alone, not ready to be with anyone. Scorched by the last love affair, nerves still scarred over. It was a Monday night. My friend Leslie texted me, the model for her life drawing class didn’t show up – would I want to model? I said sure, I can be there in 20 minutes. I grabbed a bath robe, drove through the snow, and before I had a chance to think, I was naked in a circle of artists. Next day, I wrote this . . .

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Lakshmi Smiling

Nika as Goddess Lakshmi.

Photo of Nika Belialina in red satin dress on red rocks directed by Nika Belialina.*

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Full Moon Prosperity Message from my Favorite Psychic Witch

From that point onward, I promised the Innumerable Goddesses and Angels that I serve that I would ALWAYS, no matter what, be open and receptive to ALL avenues, channels and points of income. Since that time, I have conducted more private Readings, in-person, via telephone and via Email, I have led Metaphysical Classes in new locations and with new participants, I have received lovely gifts from Loving, Spiritual and Prosperous clients, students and friends and I AM not a starving Psychic!

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