Writing the Energetic Body Testimonial

For my online workshop, I asked participants of Writing the Energetic Body to introduce themselves on the class blog, and one of the participants who has taken the class before wrote this beautiful testimonial! (shared by permission)

* * * * *

Hello, everyone.  My name is Robert Alvarez, and I live in Union City, New Jersey.  I AM an Intuitive Card Reader, a Metaphysical Teacher, an Energy Healing Practitioner (Reiki, as well as other Energy Healing Modalities) and a WordPress Blogger.

I have known Holly Troy for several years, and have always loved her Energy.  She suggested I write a post to officially introduce myself to the group, and here it is.

I have participated in “Writing the Energetic Body” only once before, and I AM beyond happy, excited and thankful that the opportunity has been presented to me, yet again.

My first experience with “W. E. B.” was incredibly powerful.  I learned more about myself, and experienced Healing Shifts in many areas, including but not limited to: physical, emotional, sexual, Spiritual, Psychic, financial, and romantic.

timberline sunset (c) Holly Troy 2013

It certainly super-charged my writing, and my personal Self-Expression.

In spite of the new financial and professional doors that have opened up for me recently, I look forward to making the most of the investment in my Peace, Health and Plenty known as “Writing the Energetic Body: Pisces 2014.”

Also, feel free to learn more about me by visiting my blogs.  They are:

http://thetarotman.wordpress.com (This Is Who I AM), and

http://thisgaymanslife.wordpress.com (This Gay Man’s Life…).

Thank you, one and all, and may the Divine Great Mystery Bountifully Bless all of you with:

Love and Light and Life; Prosperity, Protection and Peace; Honor, Wholeness and Healing.

Wishing you Powerful, Transformative Change, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

* * * * *

This made my day! I’ve been busy creating videos for the course, and am feeling pretty groovy about the class.

To see a class description and to register, visit here

What is Scorpio Pushing you to Release?

My friend Robert Alvarez wrote a post about Scorpio. In it he asks the following questions, which are perfect for this time of year:

1.  How are you complicating your life?

2.  Where are you adding unholy madness and unnecessary chaos into your life, your relationships, your world?

3. To what or to whom are you holding on that is no longer serving your needs, and probably killing you, slowly but surely?

4. How do you feel about life?  In other words, how do you really feel about life?

5. How do you feel about your life?  In other words, how do you really feel about your life?

6. Who and what are you allowing to dominate you, manipulate you, directly or indirectly, that is preventing you from receiving Blessings, Gifts and Miracles (the answer might very well surprise you)?

7. What are the obstacles that you have had for years?

8. Why do you think you have had the same obstacles for years?

sunflowerCan you honestly answer these questions and then make a commitment to letting go of the things that hinder your life’s potential? Can you see how at one point the answers to the questions may have served you well – but now that you have grown and evolved they no longer serve you?

Visit Robert’s post – Zodiakos: Scorpio

What about Radical Self-Acceptance?

Radical Self-Acceptance is a topic I look at periodically, and is essential to Sacred Folly and living a creative life. Sometimes I really get it and feel it, and sometimes I get way off track (and can be my own, and the world’s, harshest critic). Radical Self-Acceptance may require practice and focus for many of us.

Today I received a message about Radical Self-Acceptance by my friend Robert Alvarez in which he asks:

So, what would it mean to you to fully, completely, radically accept yourself and your world completely?  What would it mean if you lived your life fully from the perspective of “accepting everyone exactly as he or she is, and exactly as he or she is not?”

Now, this does not mean that you stop having boundaries and letting people walking all over you.  It simply means that you accept everyone (ESPECIALLY yourself) exactly as they are and exactly as they are not.

No matter how I feel about myself, my kitty always loves me!
No matter how I’m feeling about myself, my kitty always loves me!

In a world where we are bombarded with images and messages of who we should be, it’s a good idea to sometimes just look at where and who you are and be with it. What would it mean to accept yourself and your world? Visit Robert’s post for a ritual in which he invites you to go deeper with the question of Radical Self-Acceptance and what that means for you.

Not feeling so great about where you’re at? What if Mick and the Rolling Stones listened to that man on the TV telling him his shirts weren’t white enough and called it quits? Check them out radically accepting “No Satisfaction” and turning it into a HIT! (Not just a hit, but one of the most popular songs of the 20th century).

Lovely Blog

The Living Notebook nominated me late last night for a One Lovely Blog Award.

Thanks for the nomination, The Living Notebook!

There are a few rules to accepting a nomination. I could make up others, but these seems like enough.

1. – Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. – Tell your readers five things about yourself
3. – Nominate five blogs for the same award
4. – Post the award.

This award is an invitation to one big blog share fest by blogging peers.

Five things about myself:
1. I’m sitting on my couch while I type this, holding my computer between my knees. I don’t have a table or desk set up yet, since I recently moved.
2. I am planning on writing a newsletter today for former and current yoga and writing students.
3. I can hear a clock ticking right now, though I don’t think there is a clock in the house (or rather, apartment)!
4. I recently had my hair cut short after wearing it long for over twenty years. There is still a lot of it, and it is naturally curly.
5. I met my hair stylist in Phoenix, though we were both active musicians performing in New York City’s East Village during the same era (the 90s).

And my nominee choices are:

The Living Notebook Chronicles of the creative process while working toward a master’s in creative writing.

This is Who I AM Robert Alvarez’s journey as an Afro-Cuban Gay Psychic Witch. Part journal, part workshop announcement, part magical advice. Always yummy!

Peace the consciousness, the transitoriness, your existence. Poetry – mind/body experience.

Anne Ortelee Astrologer A blog not to be missed! Anne writes a weekly column about the overarching astrological aspects of the week called the Weekly Weather. She also has a few weekly podcasts. Compassionate and humorous approach to astrology.

Slow Art Salon Discussion and forum about Slow Art making and Slow Art viewing and their place within the global slow movement. The site also serves as a resource to Slow Art exhibitions, organizations, and other related sites.

And my award . . .

Prosperity Doors Continue to Open…

I have been looking and looking and looking for work where I currently officially live. I finally said, “Enough! I will have a job!” and went out to pound the pavement. I felt good, strong, and ready.

Then today, I received this inspiring true-story post about prosperity from my friend Robert Alvarez

Prosperity Doors Continue to Open….

and—it’s been a promising day for me in the local job hunt.

Oh, of course, a reminder from Robert in a quote from Louise Hay: “I ALLOW MY INCOME TO CONSTANTLY EXPAND, NO MATTER WHAT THE NEWSPAPERS AND ECONOMISTS SAY.”


Getting my stuff out of T-Town, T-Town style.

The Adventures of Moving on A Super-tight Budget!

I’ve been spending the weekend in my groovy new pad in Phoenix and have been loving it!

Last night I saw there was a talk at Changing Hands Bookstore by energetic healer (and RN) Marie Manuchehri, whose book, Intuitive Self-Healing, I just happened to be reading. I am getting new insights from this book and am enjoying the reading – so it was really cool to be able to pop on down to a talk! (As my friend Robert Alvarez would say, “Coincidence? Yeah right!”). I’m so glad I went, because Marie’s vibe was so lovely and she was incredibly at ease with her intuitive abilities. Inspiring!

Marie is from Seattle, so I don’t know when she’ll be in town again, but I highly recommend checking her out if she comes through your town and you’re into energetic healing, etc. She had a workshop today that I missed – because I was moving my stuff out of Tucson (taking care of the first chakra)!

A friend of ours with a pick-up truck offered to help us move . . .

Now I am so glad I was meticulous about boxing everything.

Yes there is a couch and a bed Tetris-ed into that cab! I also Tetris-ed my car. We stopped to get lunch. People laughed.

No, we didn’t manage to get everything . . . there is always next weekend. (We have to deal with the matter of a new bed from Tucson furniture store Sam Levitts – a whole other story.)

When Matagi kissed me good-bye this morning he said, “Enjoy the workshop!” And about ten minutes after he left I knew I’d be going to Tucson.

My job was to follow the truck to Phoenix. Good thing, too, since I rescued one couch cushion from the side of the highway – our only almost-casualty.

Bonus: I listened to the Cars and Chaka Khan on my way home and imagined being in a band again.

Phew! That was hard work. I’m stinky! Gotta have a shower.

Navigating this Summer’s Mercury Retrograde

Mercury appears to move backward in the sky for three weeks a few times a year. Expect glitches and delays. It’s not a bad thing – just give yourself a little extra time to do your normal tasks. For example, if you normally just make it to work on time, try leaving ten minutes earlier than usual. Or if you dash off emails without reading what you’ve written, take the time to double check them for spelling and tone before sending them off. In other words, avoid rushing and strive for clarity.

While Mercury appears to move backward in the heavens, we often have mishaps with communication (Mercury the Messenger rules Communication) and tools that help us communicate. This is a good time to back up your computer! It is NOT a good time to buy a new cell phone—however, Mercury helps you comb over details, so it would be a good time research cell phones.

On a lighter note, Mercury Retrograde is a good time to resume a project you may have put aside. It is also a time when you may find things that had previously been lost, or, you may hear from a long lost friend.

My friend Robert Alvarez has posted what to expect for Mercury Retrograde by which  zodiac sign it is moving through. Currently, Mercury will be Retrograde in Leo. According to Robert—

Mercury Retrograding in Leo (the upcoming Mercury Retrograde)–Ah, those of you that LOVE looking good and are focused on appearances are going to have an especially challenging time during this Mercury Retrograde.  Bad hair days, clothes not “looking right” and making a sunlit splash may be rather difficult at this time.

For instance, with Mercury Retrograding in Leo, it may be a time to let go and enjoy the warm summer sun while not worrying about looking “perfect”! It’s nice to look good, but this may be a lesson in relaxing about our outer appearance. On the other hand, if you’ve got an important event to attend, it may be wise to be prepared by bringing back up attire, or allow extra time for ironing—just know that you may have to make an extra effort to feel good about how you look, or that someone may spill red wine on your white blouse . . .

If you’d like to see what Robert says about what to expect while Mercury Retrogrades in other zodiac signs, check out his post, Mercury Retrograde Mysteries, Part 1.

I wonder how Mercury Retrograde in Leo effects cats. This weekend I accidentally locked my cat Tiger in a room for a day and a half!! Poor kitty! (I’m sorry Tiger!!)

Final Friday the 13th of 2012!

My friend Robert Alvarez, the Modern Mystic, has brought to my attention that today, Friday, July 13th, is the last Friday the 13th of the year. He says in his blog post Friday the Thirteenth :

Today’s Friday the Thirteenth is the third and final one of 2012; the first one was in January, and the second was in April.  And I just checked my calendar planner; after today, the next Friday the Thirteenth is not until September, 2013.  That is exactly one year and two months from now.

What does this mean?

Well, it can mean absolutely nothing—or—if you like to have a reason to make a day special, why not turn it into a lucky day and do a ritual?

It can be as easy and playful as making a wish on a dandelion . . .

Check out Robert’s blog post for his ceremonious suggestion for the power of the thirteen today!

If you have your own rites or customs, feel free to share!

Om shanti~



Who Are You Today?

My friend Robert offers up a worthwhile challenge . . . check out his post!


This Is Who I AM

This week, I have received several lovely Emails from several lovely individuals.  What I have noticed is that, in most of said Emails, there were statements the senders made that do not correspond to my experiences of them.

Of all of them, I only know two of them for several years, so I felt more comfortable commenting on what they wrote.  In both instances, they were surprised to see that they still thought of themselves a certain way.

Recently, I sent a “Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives” Email about Jupiter’s Transit in Gemini.  One of the things I wrote was that, with this Astrological Marriage of expansion (Jupiter) and communication (Gemini), people would need to “step up their game” regarding being in communication to and with others, especially in the areas of Money and Prosperity.

However, Gemini is also the Sign of the Intellect and the Mind.  How do…

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