What about Radical Self-Acceptance?

Radical Self-Acceptance is a topic I look at periodically, and is essential to Sacred Folly and living a creative life. Sometimes I really get it and feel it, and sometimes I get way off track (and can be my own, and the world’s, harshest critic). Radical Self-Acceptance may require practice and focus for many of us.

Today I received a message about Radical Self-Acceptance by my friend Robert Alvarez in which he asks:

So, what would it mean to you to fully, completely, radically accept yourself and your world completely?  What would it mean if you lived your life fully from the perspective of “accepting everyone exactly as he or she is, and exactly as he or she is not?”

Now, this does not mean that you stop having boundaries and letting people walking all over you.  It simply means that you accept everyone (ESPECIALLY yourself) exactly as they are and exactly as they are not.

No matter how I feel about myself, my kitty always loves me!
No matter how I’m feeling about myself, my kitty always loves me!

In a world where we are bombarded with images and messages of who we should be, it’s a good idea to sometimes just look at where and who you are and be with it. What would it mean to accept yourself and your world? Visit Robert’s post for a ritual in which he invites you to go deeper with the question of Radical Self-Acceptance and what that means for you.

Not feeling so great about where you’re at? What if Mick and the Rolling Stones listened to that man on the TV telling him his shirts weren’t white enough and called it quits? Check them out radically accepting “No Satisfaction” and turning it into a HIT! (Not just a hit, but one of the most popular songs of the 20th century).