The Invitation to Feel More

From the grief of this year rose gratitude. A deep gratitude for my life, for human connection (however brief), for the bond with light and plants and trees and air, with animals, for the hard work and devotion it takes to get out there into the woods, to push myself up rocks and dirt, to […]

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Born on a Thursday # 38 – What Next?

I know it all starts with breathing, gratitude, and letting go of what cannot be changed. And feeling, and moving, and letting the feelings move, and taking action—even if they are tiny.

A few strokes in a new direction and I know the water will be just fine.

“For a Yogi, nothing is impossible. If something seems impossible, turn it to something difficult. From difficult to something easy. From something easy, to Realization.” Swami Vishnu-devananda

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G is for Geordie and for Gratitude!

I was thinking about my friend and teacher Geordie today. If you are in NYC, I highly recommend you check out his reiki circle on Monday nights at the Madison Wellness Center! He also volunteers his time for those in recovery from addictions at Third Root Health Center in Brooklyn.

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Thoughts create the future . . .

Louise L. Hay talks about how our thinking creates our future. Just to see how your day goes, imagine asking yourself every half hour, “Would I like this thought to create my future?” Would your thoughts change if you were conscious of them? What Louise is talking about is common sense. Affirmations do work. Focused […]

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Slow Down and Breathe, the Holidays are Here

Instead of worrying about financial security and scarcity, take time to appreciate the abundance of the grace of God in your life, how Mother Nature graces you with all things to support life, and how marvelous and secure it is to be alive in spirit.

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