What (who) is floating your subconscious?

Hypnotherapy Rocks!

I have had three hypnotherapy sessions from Craig Meriwether of Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy. It’s been a profound creative experience! I like going deep, and hypnotherapy goes deep. As deep as it goes, it is also gentle – sifting through and reprogramming the subconscious is relaxing and expansive – after every session I feel peaceful and empowered.

samsara doodle © Holly Troy 1990sI started hypnotherapy to help me embrace my creative impulses more fully, to open myself to learning and enjoying guitar, and to release lingering beliefs of self-doubt, low self-worth, and non-deserving. Of course, childhood stuff comes up, but it’s not in a way that’s traumatizing because my nervous system is relaxed and I am safe.

This new level of awareness and acceptance has increased my overall feelings of peace and compassion — feelings of fear, anxiety, futility and anger still arise, but they don’t have an all-consuming hold on me.

My last session was before the holidays. Craig made a guided relaxation hypnosis recording and a recording of affirmations that he designed specifically from my sessions so that I could listen to them during my travels.

Yesterday, I reviewed stream of consciousness notes from my last session in which Craig led me through a guided meditation. This is what I wrote:

I am walking in the forest. I come to a door along the path in the archway of two young trees. The door is wooden and curved at the top so that it fits in the arch of the two trees. I see the forest behind the trees, just like the forest that is in front of the trees. I could simply walk around the door, but I knock. 

A cosmic Merlin figure, Saphin, opens the door. He puts a star into my forehead upon greeting me. He is pleased that I have arrived. He takes my arm and we walk along the the path deeper into the woods to a stream, a river. We go into the water and I float, releasing layers of fear and distrust and anger. I am peeling them off. 

Saphin sits high on a large stone in the river. He is watching over me. I am feeling my throat release, my belly, my lower back. My throat, coming out of my mouth, is a giant cord. I am pulling and pulling on it, it is like a long vine from a tree. Finally, it is all out and I let it float away.

I come out of the river and am filling with stars. Saphin’s robes are lighting up like stars and the river is stars. Everything shimmers – the ground, the trees, the air. 

I go into the water again, removing alienation. I feel it in my neck. My neck is full of cords, and my ribs and spine. Water is rinsing the cords away. They are like darkness leaving me. I fill up with stars at the same time. I feel something move in my ribs, my spine. 

I sense, and I sense that Saphin is telling me (he speaks to me mostly telepathically), that I am connected to everything, to the stars, and that there is no need to feel alienated because I am part of the All, the cosmic, the dust, the Universe. 

Bones, muscles moving. Tendons releasing. 

Everything shimmers now, more brightly. The entire forest. Saphin’s robes are glowing.

We come out of the water again and he hands me a crystal ball. The ball glows and I am surrounded by an aura of pure white light. It is translucent. Inside the aura, I feel safe, grounded, warm. I am connected to everything.

Everything in the Universe is happening at once. 

My job on a daily basis is to connect with Nature (outside and inside myself). The cosmos is happy that I am alive. Saphin is the Cosmos, I am the Cosmos. Stars. 

I am in a river of stars and I am floating, connecting and shimmering. I see the biophotons in everything. 

I am floating for a while. I feel like I am floating as Saphin takes me back to the door. Oh yes! A heart to heart hug. COSMIC. 

Saphin lets me know he is always there, always has been. Come visit anytime. Anytime. Anytime. All the time.

The door is wood, the grain deep and smooth, stained to a blue-green sheen. It just looks like a door in the woods, but stepping through is a magical place, a portal.

The portal is real. The portal is real. The portal is real. 

Every day, connect in Nature. Connect in Nature. True Nature. Tap in.

Connecting with Friends through the Subconscious

I was surprised that my guide was named Saphin, but it was the first name that came to me. I have a friend who is called Tim Saphin. He looks nothing like a Merlin, but he is incredibly cosmic, with David Bowie alien-like qualities. He is who he is, a musician through and through.

I met him in the mid-90s at a show. Tim opened for my band and was alone playing an acoustic guitar singing a song he wrote called Emily, and projected behind him on a large screen,  2001 A Space Odyssey. The song, his voice, the performance was large, cinematic, I was in awe,  pulled in to a larger-than-life trip, and we have been friends ever since.

We haven’t talked for a while, but he witnessed me leave music behind, and I am so thrilled he is welcoming me back.

One of Saphin’s songs – called Bang!:

So much joy!

Such good stuff. The music, the creativity, the hypnosis!

If you have never tried hypnotherapy, I highly suggest it. Check out Craig’s website, Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy, he gives a lot of great information. I am grateful for the work he does, he is really talented, compassionate, and down-to-earth.

Peace out my friends! You are all cosmic!

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

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