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Music Monday ~ Five Years

NME.com Photo Credit: Masayoshi Sukita

Music Monday ~ Let’s not think about the passing time

David Bowie in 1977 Credit: Rex missing the alien

Cars in Space and David Bowie’s in Heaven

Darkness is merely the absence of light . . . photo: Holly Troy


January 20th, 2017 is a Sad Day

  We need our voices and creativity more than ever now. We need to support one another with our current realities and our hopes and dreams. We have lost too much in the last year, and will lose so much more to come.   https://vimeo.com/61136990 Five Years - after today, five years seems hopeful for ...


What Moves You?

This moved me this morning. I miss David Bowie. https://youtu.be/AT25sej3XyI  


An Astronaut and His Guitar

Commander Chris Hadfield recorded his own version of David Bowie's Space Oddity while in orbit on board the International Space Station. This makes me so happy! My heart feels so light. Amazing! Of course, I love David Bowie's original as well. Meanwhile, back on Earth, carbon dioxide levels have reached an average daily level above 400 ...

Unbleached mottled memory

Growing up, I felt like a boy. When I discovered David Bowie, something beyond gender stirred in me. He cracked open a snake egg in my spine and my nervous system squirmed. His voice took me out of my body and put me in the stars.


Crush (1976)

Cigarette dangling from her mouth Bunny opened the door. I thought she was cool. Bunny was an enormous woman. Bunny opened the door and grinned. Her trailer had a dark heady smell. Enormous, Bunny wore a strapless shiny polyester cheetah print jumpsuit, gold high heels, gold hoop earrings, and gold bangles. Her trailer smelled dark, ...