Free-Write Intro to My Writing the Energetic Body: Pisces 2014 Class

The family dog, Stoney, loves it, too. I’ve been walking him a lot lately – he’s been helping me heal my nerves and my heart. He reminds me to slow down and look at the light of the setting sun on the prairie grasses. He knows exactly where to stop and find something to smell so I can look at my surroundings more closely. Resin is pouring out of the bark of some pine trees along our walk. Trees are starting to wake up!

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Journey through the Chakras meditation cd: New Year Discount!

Start off the New Year by checking in with yourself!

Journey through the Chakras is suitable for those new to meditation or for anyone who’d like to jump start their imagination through creative visualization.

Journey through the Chakras has been marked down and is on SALE now. Experience a soothing visualization meditation for each of the seven major chakras for only seven dollars. That’s one dollar per chakra!

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Argh! Only in cyberspace . . .

I know this is silly, but I googled myself and there is another Holly Troy out there who has a website called “Holly Troy’s Poetry Page” and it’s right on the top of the list. I’d like to be polite, but the writing is really not good. Well, maybe it will be good someday, it’s […]

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