Transcendental Groove with the New Moon in Gemini

I felt different. I felt alive. I felt good.

That feeling of shift, change, transformation – I love it! I tapped into something that has been dormant, and I am excited to fold that energy into my life (and art and music and teaching) in a more conscious way.

Have you done any intentions for the New Moon?

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Trees Chatting at the Occupation

It’s Peace and Love at the protest in Tucson. I am not camping at Armory Park but I’ve been going down there every day sharing ideas and company. At some point I’ll be leading yoga and meditation to anyone who wants it.

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Peace, Love, and Liberation! see you at the protest

Tonight, I have been observing where my mind goes. Just because I am nervous and can imagine a lot of scary things doesn’t mean I won’t go. I choose not to live in fear. I have so much gratitude to people all around the world standing up for me, despite their own fears.

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Grooving to the Love Vibration

Basically, it described a meditation in which you imagine sending love to everything – first, you let love grow in your heart and allow it to flow throughout your body. Then with each breath, let love expand beyond yourself to fill the space you are in and beyond. You could do this meditation anywhere. Walking down the street, send love to the trees and flowers and grass, to birds and animals that you see, to other people . . . Send that love out on the exhale and let it return on the inhale.

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Slow Down and Breathe, the Holidays are Here

Instead of worrying about financial security and scarcity, take time to appreciate the abundance of the grace of God in your life, how Mother Nature graces you with all things to support life, and how marvelous and secure it is to be alive in spirit.

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