Connecting outside of internet/telephone technology

Born on a Thursday Number Thirteen

Part of why I am going back to New York, I want to communicate with people face-to-face, I want to have creative connection face-to-face, I want to really see my friends rather than seeing what they are doing on facebook. I want to be doing things with them!! I want to hear their music live, I want to make music with them live, to write, to dance, to laugh, to talk, to share – to really really share.

Is it a risk for me to go to New York? I don’t think it’s any more risky than me staying here where I have not been able to break out of isolation for over two years. I think sticking around much longer where I barely have any connection is a bigger risk.

Patti says it well. We need connection!! and – We need to get angry!

It’s funny, when I started doing Born on a Thursday I was so excited because I made a connection with the painter Charles Kurre at Pop-Up Gallery in Scottsdale. It was a Thursday night, too! I was walking past all the standard touristy western art when, like an oasis in a desert of false safety and conservative “taste”, an abstract painting enticed me to peer inside an off-to-the-side gallery. Charles was sitting right in the middle of his gallery at a little desk. On the desk were cards, a book, and a bottle of red wine. Charles immediately asked me if I wanted to know anything about his work – and I said that I wanted to just look first. Which I did. And then I wanted to know about his work.

I like Charles’ work. It’s frenetic. It vibrates. I got the idea for Born on a Thursday because of Charles’ It Happens Every Tuesday project (which you should check out).

I'm gonna miss this girl!
I’m gonna miss this girl!

As I was making the half hour drive home that night, I was thinking – I can do this. I can make this work. I can stay in Phoenix. I can do this. I can stay . . .

But it doesn’t look like I can.

Born on a Thursday #1

I’ve decided that every Thursday I am going to post something. I was born on a Thursday – hence the names of my Thursday posts – Born on a Thursday. Maybe I’ll turn it into a blog of it’s own, but for now, this is where I’m putting my Thursday musings.

These posts are inspired by artist Charles Kurre, who I met recently on a jaunt out to Scottsdale to look at art. (Coincidentally, it was a Thursday when I met Charles). His art is playful and frenetic – and certainly worth a look—or better yet, a purchase. Check out his blog It Happens Every Tuesday.

Also, poet, adventurer, and teacher Maya Stein puts out a poem every week called Ten-Line Tuesday. She rode her bicycle from Massachusetts to Wisconsin towing along a typewriter for writing adventures with anyone who was willing to type a line or more. She called her journey Type Rider. She even rode her bike through Clinton, NJ – one of my hometown hangout places.

I walked to work today. I’ll ride my bike tomorrow. One of the great things about walking is seeing what you miss while driving. And thinking. I get flooded with ideas when I walk and ride.

I often think of Phoenix as a city that is beautiful at dawn or dusk, when the sky is pink and purple and the softest blue. In the middle of the day, the sun is so bright that it looks blown out by light. I got out of work at two in the afternoon, when “white out” can be intense — it is winter, so it is not as intense as it can be. I managed to find some beauty along the way.

Open (c) Holly Troy 2013

I am fascinated by the trees that have pale green bark here. I walked along a row of them today.

Emerge (c) Holly Troy 2013

One night, while walking, I revised an affirmation by Catherine Ponder. My affirmation went, “I love the highest and best in all beings; I attract to myself the highest and best in all beings.” It was at night, but as soon as I said those words, the bark on the trees seemed to shimmer and glow.

Blink (c) Holly Troy 2013

I felt like the trees and I were recognizing each other with gratitude and appreciation. I could finally “see.”

Haunt (c) Holly Troy 2013

Sometimes the natural world is the only thing that seems real — while at other times it feels like passing through a three-dimensional postcard. I am neither a smiling waving Pope or a winking Jesus, but I am the only thing that seems to move through space in a non-linear way while time stands still.

Rouge Postmodern (c) Holly Troy 2013

If we don’t make our mark, does it mean we don’t exist?

Reiki, Writing, and Tarot

I’ve got some new happenings starting in downtown Phoenix at the end of this month. I’m setting up my very own studio – it’s called Holly Troy Fine Art & Urban Energy Medicine. Expect a creative and healing vibe in the space!

Here is what I’m offering:

Reiki Sessions

60 minute sessions are $45.00.
90 minute sessions are $60.00.

* Reiki Circle
Monday – Full Moon – October 29th, 2012 – 6:30 to 8:15
Garfield Galleria 316 West McDowell Road, Suite 200B

Group guided meditation and altar with time to practice and receive reiki.
No reiki experience necessary.
Bring something that you’d like powered up with reiki energy, and a yoga mat or blanket.
Suggested donation: $7.00

For more information, contact me (Holly) at
~ ~ ~
Writing the Energetic Body – 4 Week Online Course
Shedding Inhibition and Divining Your Intentions Workshop – 28 Days of Writing Past the Mind and into the Chakras

Full Moon ~ Monday, October 29th, 2012 to Monday, November 26th, 2012

Allow your inner-critic to relax, have fun writing, and recieve encouragement and feedback while exploring your chakras.

For this workshop we start from the Crown and work our way down to the Root. You’re encouraged to set an intention at the beginning of the session and to give thanks for the abundance that is already in your life. The Crown is about Ideas, Spirit, Divine Inspiration. The Root is about Manifestation.

Writing the Energetic Body uses the major chakra system as the “backbone” for self-exploration through writing.

28 Day Workshop – $68.00
Register here for Writing the Energetic Body.
~ ~ ~
Tarot Readings

Explore your potential or the potential of a situation through an intuitive card reading.
Receive a tarot card reading via Skype or in person for $35.00.
Enjoy 45 minutes to an hour of conversation and card interpration with Holly.

Contact Holly at with “Tarot Reading” in the subject line to book your appointment.
~ ~ ~

* I will also be giving reiki sessions and will be teaching reiki as well as small gentle hatha and flow yoga classes. More information on that coming up soon . . . feel free to contact me if you’re interested.

Prosperity Doors Continue to Open…

I have been looking and looking and looking for work where I currently officially live. I finally said, “Enough! I will have a job!” and went out to pound the pavement. I felt good, strong, and ready.

Then today, I received this inspiring true-story post about prosperity from my friend Robert Alvarez

Prosperity Doors Continue to Open….

and—it’s been a promising day for me in the local job hunt.

Oh, of course, a reminder from Robert in a quote from Louise Hay: “I ALLOW MY INCOME TO CONSTANTLY EXPAND, NO MATTER WHAT THE NEWSPAPERS AND ECONOMISTS SAY.”


Winter is Coming

It can’t rain all day in the desert, can it?

Sure it can – and it can be cold, too! Flagstaff is at 7000 feet – it gets cold here. Leaves are turning yellow already, too. In this photo the yellow leaves are scattered on the ground from the rain.

It seems early, but maybe I am used to the desert weather in the valley.

I didn’t bring enough warm clothes with me this week! Wish me luck on my job hunt . . . I’d like to start grooving in Phoenix full-time – though I have had an interesting discussion tonight with my friend Linda and an Apache history lesson (which will resume tomorrow).

A good night

Tonight’s photo is of a new piece by Matagi Sorensen. It’s a hollow form pendant of hammered brushed silver and turquoise. It is completely made by hand. I think Matagi is entering a new phase of creativity.

Tonight our new neighbor upstairs had a gathering at her place and then a group of us went over to the Phoenix Arts Center and looked at ceramics and glass and paintings. We met the director and a few teachers. I think I want to take a pinting class just to be in that atmosphere. And do some life drawing. I need to just draw.

Long day. It was a good night!



Sky and Miles

I have been living part-time in Phoenix and part-time in Camp Verde while I look for a good gig in Phoenix. Currently I work at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

I really like my place in Phoenix, and I am enjoying the urban energy, too. I’ve been feeling the need for a faster pace and cultural/social stimulation for quite a while now. When I leave there I miss it.

Today my brain just shut down. I could barely think at all. Still can barely think. I got through today on sheer willpower.

I went to Dara Thai for lunch and there was a group of about 10 senior citizens sitting at a table saying things like, “This place isn’t American . . . She kept asking me what kind of meat I want with my noodles, the description doesn’t say anything about meat . . . Why would I want to annoy myself by watching the DNC? . . . Sometimes I think the Lord gets confused, people pray for the sun to shine while some people pray for rain – just too many people praying at the same time . . . Can we have these all on separate checks?”

Afterwards, my brain was still foggy, so I went to Rendezvous for a coffee—one dollar for a really good americano! Sat in the window and thought about all of my Flagstaff friends and how I haven’t seen any of them in a long while now. I watched an older white couple with set jaws and furrowed brows walking along Aspen. They both wore baggy khaki shorts and high socks. I thought, “What the fuck am I doing here?”

I am glad I had the chance to talk with Naomi – and grateful for the space she has to share. Still, I’m so ready to be with my man and to settle in to my new place. Driving 60 miles one way up a windy mountain freeway to work is getting crazy.

The foggy brain days are scary ones on the road.

The sunsets here are absolutely stunning. Amazing skies. Always a thrill.

Every evening I marvel about where I am. I marvel about my partner and his/our family. This place is so different from where I have spent most of my life.

I also get a thrill when I get mileage like this.

Blue Moon Saturday Night in Phoenix

A street somewhere near the studio.


Moon over 3rd Avenue.

Getting my stuff out of T-Town, T-Town style.

The Adventures of Moving on A Super-tight Budget!

I’ve been spending the weekend in my groovy new pad in Phoenix and have been loving it!

Last night I saw there was a talk at Changing Hands Bookstore by energetic healer (and RN) Marie Manuchehri, whose book, Intuitive Self-Healing, I just happened to be reading. I am getting new insights from this book and am enjoying the reading – so it was really cool to be able to pop on down to a talk! (As my friend Robert Alvarez would say, “Coincidence? Yeah right!”). I’m so glad I went, because Marie’s vibe was so lovely and she was incredibly at ease with her intuitive abilities. Inspiring!

Marie is from Seattle, so I don’t know when she’ll be in town again, but I highly recommend checking her out if she comes through your town and you’re into energetic healing, etc. She had a workshop today that I missed – because I was moving my stuff out of Tucson (taking care of the first chakra)!

A friend of ours with a pick-up truck offered to help us move . . .

Now I am so glad I was meticulous about boxing everything.

Yes there is a couch and a bed Tetris-ed into that cab! I also Tetris-ed my car. We stopped to get lunch. People laughed.

No, we didn’t manage to get everything . . . there is always next weekend. (We have to deal with the matter of a new bed from Tucson furniture store Sam Levitts – a whole other story.)

When Matagi kissed me good-bye this morning he said, “Enjoy the workshop!” And about ten minutes after he left I knew I’d be going to Tucson.

My job was to follow the truck to Phoenix. Good thing, too, since I rescued one couch cushion from the side of the highway – our only almost-casualty.

Bonus: I listened to the Cars and Chaka Khan on my way home and imagined being in a band again.

Phew! That was hard work. I’m stinky! Gotta have a shower.