A good night

Tonight’s photo is of a new piece by Matagi Sorensen. It’s a hollow form pendant of hammered brushed silver and turquoise. It is completely made by hand. I think Matagi is entering a new phase of creativity.

Tonight our new neighbor upstairs had a gathering at her place and then a group of us went over to the Phoenix Arts Center and looked at ceramics and glass and paintings. We met the director and a few teachers. I think I want to take a pinting class just to be in that atmosphere. And do some life drawing. I need to just draw.

Long day. It was a good night!



4 thoughts on “A good night

  1. wonderful piece and photo. love turquoise and silver. Turquoise is a fantastic healing color. You can channel it to help people attune to Uranus / Aquarius in a very peaceful soothing and calm way.


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