Key to the Town: Green Box Arts Festival

This is a project that I worked in collaboration with silversmith and jewelry designer, Matagi Sorensen. I drew up the designs for the key and helped polish and hammer the final product. Each one of these is actually a small bronze sculpture! They turned out beautifully, and I learned A LOT about metals. Matagi Sorensen […]

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Upcycled Gems – Ethereal meets Earthy

Matagi Sorensen recently finished a wedding ring commission which I photographed. It was so difficult to choose which photos were my favorite for his website.

Normally I am not into diamonds, but as I was looking at the photos I found myself completely mesmerized by this gem. This diamond has an ethereal quality that is almost hypnotic. It doesn’t seem like it could be solid!

The stone was originally from the bride’s grandmother’s engagement ring. A closer look under the microscope revealed a color and clarity from diamonds mined from the 1890s to the 1920s that were regularly used in jewelry from Germany.
The ring has two sapphires and a diamond and was originally in a classic setting. Matagi’s magic turned it into something completely modern and completely original.

Check it out – Something Old, Something New . . .

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Metals and Stones

Photos of some of Matagi’s jewelry that I took on my cell phone today. Matagi went up to Flagstaff to meet some friends and clients. These might be gone by the end of the weekend. These new pieces are intense. Matagi has no earth in his astrological chart. It makes sense that he works with […]

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with bones or without?

I imagine the little fish in my soup squirming in my mouth, the crunch of their bones. I run back to the house. I look in my soup. One of the fish is gone. I fish the remaining one out – and drop it in a bowl of water. It’s little mouth is gasping. I saved it! – I think. No, I killed it – I think – it is alive but now partially cooked.

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A good night

Tonight our new neighbor upstairs had a gathering at her place and then a group of us went over to the Phoenix Arts Center and looked at ceramics and glass and paintings. We met the director and a few teachers. I think I want to take a pinting class just to be in that atmosphere. And do some life drawing. I need to just draw.

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photography, jewelry and l’amore!

I used to just take photos of his work on stones. Now I use frosted glass—it creates an ethereal glow and a gently reflects the pieces.

I am really happy with the way the photos came out. It rained for about 45 seconds as I was preparing the glass for the shot. It stayed cloudy, so I didn’t need to diffuse the light—just went out back, found a pebbly patch of grass, laid the glass down on the grass, and voila!

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SNAG Surprise!

Matagi Sorensen is incredibly hard-working and incredibly talented! This last for us in Tucson has been a struggle—but push on we have.

The ad in South Scottsdale magazine such a nice surprise—I’m so happy to see his work being recognized and displayed so beautifully. Also, I am really proud of him.

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Moons and Gemstones!

My man has been on a moon kick lately. I love this amethyst moon! I love photographing his work (and wearing it, too)! Matagi Sorensen Amethyst Crescent Moon The color of the amethyst in this pendant is such a rich purple it practically glows. Amethyst is traditionally worn to guard the wearer from drunkenness and […]

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Feminine Form in Silver and Stone

Is it me, or is Matagi’s work looking more and more female as time goes on? I love watching the work evolve. This is just a sampling of the work he produced last month. The hollow forms must be bringing it out in him!

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Getting Fabulous at the Open Studio Tour last weekend

Wish I had photos of the weekend, but I forgot my camera. However, I did get some pictures from my cell phone of artist Quetzally Hernandez Coronado gorgeously enjoying one of Matagi’s signature fine art necklaces. (In fact, these are the only photos of this major piece! Yikes!)

I knew the minute I saw Quetzally that this necklace would look perfect on her. It’s just right for someone who is bold and confident and beautiful.

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Art Show in Tucson ~ Live!

Well, I’ve been busy making art—and these last few weeks (last month or so actually) have been very intense. I have so many ideas swirling in my head and body that I can barely keep up with creating them. (It’s as if almost 10 years of writing ideas down are finally coming to fruition—sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin). And, this weekend is the Open Studio Tour, so producing has been a big focus.

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Nature, Inspiration, and the Creative Process (and teaching and learning)

Sorenson’s jewelry designs frequently communicate ideas derived from nature. The organic forms in his work call to mind objects which are at once familiar, but perhaps not entirely known. It is this sense of mystery that elevates Sorenson’s work as a well- tempered response to nature. – Pamela Stephens, Phd.

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