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American Sentence ~ Day 27/108

it made me sad to be an intruder


Born on a Thursday #25 ~ Home Sweet Home

Autumn is a good time for hugging and cuddling up. And hiking. I intend to get hiking and much hugging in this weekend — two of my favorite activities!


Born on a Thursday #20 – Sleepy!

I glad I named this "Born on a Thursday" because I'm glad I was born. I like being alive. I like the cool adventures and people I get to experience. A lot has happened this week - some great (summer here is so perfect), some pretty fucking crappy (family stuff, ugh) - and I am doing ...


Born on a Thursday #19: Sunset Strolling

I keep coming across surprises - like this yarn bomb tonight. It looks like a southwestern sunset. And behind it, reflecting in the window - actually is the sunset.


Looking Outside

Oh wow! Today is Thursday! Time for Born on a Thursday #8. I have been keeping a low profile this week - a lot of changes, a lot of clarity, and a lot to think about. Plus, I've been working a lot. My toe still hurts. I smashed it two weeks ago and haven't had ...


Sky and Miles

Today my brain just shut down. I could barely think at all. Still can barely think. I got through the day on sheer willpower. I went to Dara Thai for lunch and there was a group of about 10 senior citizens sitting at a table saying things like, "This place isn't American . . . She kept asking me what kind of meat I want with my noodles, the description doesn't say anything about meat . . . Why would I want to annoy myself by watching the DNC? . . . Sometimes I think the Lord gets confused, people pray for the sun to shine while some people pray for rain - just too many people praying at the same time . . . Can we have these all on separate checks?"


Rainbow at Sunset

Beauty abounds!


Blue Moon Sunset

The sky before the drive.


Arizona Sky

Camp Verde sunset.