Born on a Thursday #25 ~ Home Sweet Home

Red in Clouds on the Mesa (c) HollyTroy 2013I’m glad to be home.

I’ve only been back for about a day, and I’m feeling myself settle, my body just relaxing into the earthiness of my surroundings. I want to run and hug everyone I know here, and at the same time am grateful to have this evening to myself.

Right now I’m eating a big salad and I had a long day at work and I took Stoney for a walk and had a long hot bath. Even work was soothing and grounding. It was good to see co-workers, and I saw my friend Stacy, too – who I can’t wait to catch up with.

My adopted family is here.

twilight sunflowers (c) Holly Troy 2013The beauty of this place astounds me everyday. Of course, during my walk with the dog, I took photos. Sunset tonight had a tinge of Autumn in it. I can feel it coming. I smelled it for a brief moment.

Autumn is a good time for hugging and cuddling up. And hiking. I intend to get hiking and much hugging in this weekend — two of my favorite activities!

I am happy!

What does home feel like for you?

Thanks for reading.

self-portrait in NY light (c) Holly Troy 2013Catch up with you soon!

Om shanti ~ Holly