Luck, Birds, Toys and Angels

lene_lovich-1Lene Lovich is one of my early musical influences. Someone told me that a photo of me reminded her of Lene Lovich. Her music is fun to revisit . . .

Kinda funny how when my Lucky Number’s One is easily changes to Two. Trick is to find balance – or maybe not – maybe it’s time to just dive the freak in.


Does balance dull things? Hmmm. Skimming the surface is not how I like to play, I like to dive deep and long. Maybe my balance is the cold mountain air!

Flitty, fluttery bride with black boots! Go!

Hilarious. So 80s.

How could I not love her humor, beauty, and drama? Not to mention that wild voice.

Lene Lovich LeneI found these videos on Lene Lovich’s website – Lene Lovich Band. She is touring in Europe!

* I could not find information on the photographers – so for now, they are unknown.