Born on A Thursday #41: Everything Changes and That’s OK

The thing that I am most happy about is this huge exploratory project on sexual healing that I am working on with Sydney Francis. It is beginning to take on a life of its own — and we have plans to see that it continues to grow. We are committed to seeing the writing project through and I am thrilled! Working on a deep creative project with another person is essential for my happiness.
Through the project, my energy for painting and drawing has returned. My desire to teach yoga and create more workshops has returned. Considering making music has returned. Being more grounded in my feelings is returning. Enjoying reading tarot is returning. All around, it’s wonderful for me to have a creative anchor.

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Notes on Sex and the Energetic Body

“We are connected more deeply and profoundly than we realize (see quantum physics). In our culture, we have become caught up in an illusion of our own isolation. In many cases we have forgotten to connect with one another, rely on one another, and help one another.

The first chakra is about our survival, our connection to the earth, our libido, and our connection to our tribe, including but not limited to our children, our parents, grandparents, ancestors, and those who we chose to connect with. Our survival depends on the earth and our connection to one another—connecting to those in our “tribe”. Through the first chakra, we have an opportunity to come together in comm-unity in a very physical way.” – Sydney Francis

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Day of the Dead Tonight – Sojourn at the Underworld tomorrow

Tomorrow, co-leading a a ceremony ritual called Sojourn at the Underworld. Getting Scorpionic and Deep this weekend! For more info on the ceremony, click here.

Completely in my element!

Event: Going Deep ~ Sojourn at the Underworld
When: Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 – 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Where: Flagstaff, AZ (email me for directions at or visit the Going Deep Event and rsvp)

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Rooting in the First Chakra

Sydney Francis and I are embarking on a vast project for releasing shame from our physical and bliss bodies, and inviting joy, love, and full-bodied empowerment into our lives. We are beginning this endeavor with a ritual that is a practice in deeply grounding our right to be safe, loved, happy, blissful, and comfortable with our sexuality, creativity, intellect, love . . . basically it’s a celebration for the essence of what makes us each unique as well as part of the larger consciousness.

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