More Lene Love!

url-1One of my favorites by Lovely Lene Lovich! I love the bass player in this video, too.

This one was sort of a personal theme song when I was a teenager.

I couldn’t find the photographer’s name for the really cool photo!

  1. Patrick Skidmore August 11, 2013 at 1:34 am

    She will always be the sweet Amalika Amalaki Himalayan gooseberry in my morning Gotu Kola cola-shake. Thanks for more Lene Love– I’m shaken AND deeply stirred once more.
    Yes–the kick-ass bass player is way bitchin’ –like Johnny Holmes high on “make love (music!) not porn”! PLAY that funky bass line, white boy! And I’m sure everyone knows the shiny guitarist is LL’s long-time songwriting partner life-partner in love-crime hubby-sweetie, the LOVELY Les Chappell. What a pair they make. Ziveli (cheers)!!! Slainte (holy health)!!! Art is Love is God; Love (Lene) is God (Divine Sound) is Art (Sweet Soul Bird Song). Home is I Don’t Know; Not Know is Everything Everywhere Always–Everpresent Fullness of Emptiness, Emptiness of Fullness, nunc fluens…

    Some may find this Lene overview review informative if not very insightful – he just don’t get that Love thang! Give him time.



    1. then there are always the amazing covers that are brewing in my mind . . .



  2. Patrick Skidmore August 11, 2013 at 4:17 am

    One Star deserves a sky full of others: Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight and Next! Life Long & Prosper! We are stardust, we are golden….



    1. indeed! Thanks for the reminder – I live in a dark sky city so this is going to be NICE!!



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