Born on a Thursday #32 – Cooked

New Moon Prayer

Dear Universe, I would like a break please. Some help. Financially, emotionally, romantically, physically, creatively, spiritually – help with any or all of the above. I’ve flat out had it. I give up. Do what you will, I have no clue how to do anything anymore. Thank you. Holly

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I'm a rock-n-roller poet who left the Big Apple for the Big Sky Desert where I've been letting it be and grooving with universal love, singing to the gods, dancing with the muses and bicycling with dreamtime messengers. I like altering my reality through imagination, movement, breath, and makin' stuff.

5 thoughts on “Born on a Thursday #32 – Cooked

  1. hey Holly,

    I’m not a namaste kind of guy. What phase the moon is in is cool, but it doesn’t bring me any comfort. For me it’s putting on the gloves and keep swinging. I can’t say I know you all that well but every time we meet I leave the encounter with a smile . . . and I’m stoked I’m in your blog circle.



    1. Charles~

      Meeting you nudged me a few degrees in a different/new direction with happy/inspirational results. That night I found your gallery was one of those “I surrender” times. You make me smile, too!



  2. “The wise woman does not insist that things happen in any particular way.”

    I feel you, believe me, I really feel you–in your having reached the limit of individual struggle to do well, do right, do best, do it on your own…BUT:

    How wonderful! Such “surrender” of insistent egoity and insistent intellection as (falsely-)presumptive central authorities in the knowledge of right and wrong (evolutionary, life-supporting thought, emotion, intention, speech and action and its opposite, life-inhibiting, life-damaging action)–such surrender is the beginning of wisdom. And wisdom is the beginning of true humility. True humility, in turn, is the open gateway through which the almighty power of Mother Nature flows fully into one to uphold and maintain and further (enhance) the life of the individual (you!) within the universe and in harmony with its universally-governing laws of nature. So you’re on your way, baby.

    (Of course, you’re already long since a sincere devotee dedicated to earnestly and humbly serving the divine plan of universal evolution with peace and justice and joy for all! But sometimes we just have to let go more completely…)

    The kind hand of the cosmic mother-physician can’t begin to make things better until the child-patient lets go enough to lie still and allow the mother-physician to perform her much needed work of healing her patient-child.

    “…Wisdom brings humility. Just as the wise woman sees the distinctions and differences in creation as only temporary, with one ultimate Reality underlying them all, so she does not insist that things should happen in any particular way. She takes things lightly, for she knows they all have their common end. This natural quality of Being in the wise is interpreted as humility. Indeed, humility is the criterion of wisdom, arising as it does out of the increased sense of the oneness of life, of the basic Unity of all beings.

    “Humility is commonly understood to be the honest recognition of one’s personal limitations, one’s ignorance and insignificance, but true humility lies in the quality of Being and not in any attitude of mind.

    “The mind of the realized person is fully infused with the state of Being–the oneness of life–and such a mind naturally has oneness of vision irrespective of what it sees. The apparent distinctions of relative existence fail to create division in its view” (Maharishi, on the Gita).

    What a wonderful time to arrive at this condition of being utterly willing to abandon (insistence on) any-&-all preconceived condition(ing)s. For, beginning with Saturday’s new moon day (Oct 5), this is the time of the annual Vedic sacred Nine Days of Mother Divine (Mother Nature), the greatest time of year for deeply, fully aligning oneself with the cosmic forces of conscious evolution through transcending the cramped and cramping perspective of ones (combined) individualistic-ego-&-relative-intellect as the center of loss and gain, right and wrong, self and other, joy and sorrow. Time to (finally!) rest ones head in the loving lap of Mother Nature and float gently downstream toward the boundless Ocean of (one’s own true, larger Self-nature as) Absolute Bliss Consciousness.

    It’s as the Ocean that one really gets to enjoy (playing at) being the wave….

    Patience, my dear sister; everything’s coming your way–I feel that as well.
    Having offered up that lovely sincere prayer, having let go, the fine old Quaker saying now applies: “Proceed as Way opens…”
    Happy Nine Days of Mother Divine!!!


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