Born on a Thursday #34: I <3 My Bike

Late Fall in Flagstaff Town
Hotel Monte Vista (c) 2013 Holly TroyWhile riding my bike to meet my sweetheart at Madrid (a Spanish tapas restaurant here in Flagstaff), I noticed the orange of the Hotel Monte Vista sign glowing against turquoise blue sky.

I was waiting for the train to pass, and hoped to snap a picture while traffic was stopped. Of course, that required removing my gloves (which is no small feat with my broken pinky and fitting a glove around the splint), and then getting my phone and trying to see the image on the screen clearly (I smashed my phone a few months back, had initially decided to upgrade and haven’t done it yet for two reasons: financially I don’t have $100 to spare, and, now it has almost become an experiment to see how long I can use a broken phone), opening the camera and snapping the image.

No go! There was no way to get the gloves off quickly enough. So I took this pic as I got to Aspen and San Francisco. The light had changed a tad, but still a magical glow.

I <3 my Bike! (c) Holly TroyI am grateful the weather has been gorgeous this week! More beautiful days of cycling around town. I admit I am a little nervous about cycling in the winter, but, as I love cycling AND it’s my only mode of transportation, winter on bicycle is an adventure to be had!!