The Emperor ~ April Fool’s Journey

Day 5– The Emperor

Prompt: Healthy self-discipline looks like _________ for me right now.


The EMPEROR is the archetype of the masculine principle of order, action, leadership, and control. It can get a bad rap in some circles, but when you consider the power of manifestation exhibited by Emperor energy, it’s easy to see that in some situations, this Archetype’s influence is just what’s needed. ✨

For example, when you want to develop strength of character, principles, self-respect and self-discipline, the Emperor’s tough love approach can be a beacon of light within the shadows of poor habits and addictive lifestyle patterns. He can be like a good father who cares about protecting and supporting his children, and instilling in them the skills and ethics that will serve them later in life. 🌸

Still, we want to be careful not to move too far into this archetype or we may become rigid, self-criticizing, or intolerant. It’s always good to call in a bit of the Empress’s circular, flowing energy in order to temper the Emperor’s hard lines and angles. Together, they could make a beautiful mandala.  – Kayleigh Jean / Falcons and Pentacles


day 5Knight of Swords – Swift action. Sharp ideas. Be careful of harsh words, anger, hot-headedness and conflict.

Four of Pentacles reversed – Fear of letting go. Feeling stuck – hanging onto the known even if it isn’t quite what I want – at least I know what it is. Yes, stable, but is it vital?

The High Priestess – When feeling fear or anger it is time to go within and call on inner wisdom – the Higher Self that is connected to everything. Understand that to do harm to others or self is to do harm to all.

This energy feels very connected to what I have been going through lately:

  1. My job has been taking quite a bit of my emotional and mental energy lately (hence, why I haven’t been following this challenge daily). I know it’s a position with little or no growth, and pays me just enough to survive, but I know my role. I have several personal ideas, passions and talents that may or may not pay off financially, but which excite me and which will be beneficial to others once I initiate them. The ideas are moving, but moving along at a snail’s pace. Lately I have some fear around my job, I suspect it’s the dysfunction of the entire institution creeping under my skin.
  2. I felt a little sick on Thursday so I left work early. Friday I thought I was fine, so I went into work. After being there for an hour, I became very weak and left for the day. I have a bad cold or the flu – and am still sick as I write this. Last night, I was cranky. Everything angered me. The house I live in, the cost of gas, my body hurting, the cost of food, the fact that my previous landlords haven’t paid my deposit back yet . . . a boatload of Four of Pentacles stuff and Knight of Swords anger. While I sometimes get frustrated, I am also thankful that even though I left work early I am still getting paid for the day, I have shelter, I have a car that is completely paid off that I barely use because I ride my bicycle everywhere, I am fit and take care of my body, I eat healthy organic foods and I am a responsible and good tenant. The anger can be used as fuel to make things better, and the gratitude is a door for receiving more of what I desire.

Conclusion: Healthy self-discipline looks like transmuting the swift mental energy of the Knight and taking steady incremental action on ideas in a way that is beneficial to all. Small actions, the tiniest actions – add up. A snail’s pace is better than no pace. I understand I cannot change my future by doing the same things I have always done – I must come at change from all directions. The discipline is in acknowledging what doesn’t serve my highest good and using the Sword energy to cut away beliefs that keep me stuck and replace them with new beliefs, emotions, and actions that will put me in the position of remembering the future I desire (and release my tight grip on the past/present). Four of Pentacles reversed is telling me the present reality is stagnant at best. The wisdom of High Priestess is the fulcrum that maintains balance and wisdom while trusting movement toward a new future and remaining healthy and stable in the present.

I feel good about this discipline – and I also feel that my slow and steady steps toward change have opened my life in huge ways. I know I can change my future because I already have – I trust bigger change is coming because of the daily actions I continue to make. 

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Holly hails from an illustrious lineage of fortune tellers, yogis, folk healers, troubadours and poets of the fine and mystical arts. Shape-shifting Tantric Siren of the Lunar Mysteries, she surfs the ebbs and flows of the multiverse on the Pure Sound of Creation. Her alchemy is Sacred Folly — revolutionary transformation through Love, deep play, Beauty, and music.

2 thoughts on “The Emperor ~ April Fool’s Journey

  1. I’m sorry about your illness and frustrations. A snail’s pace is better than no pace and just keep moving forward. Hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful day!


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