A sweet Mercury Rx MEssage

Think about all words that begin with “re” – and what meaning they hold for you. 

During Mercury retrograde, we may hear from people we haven’t heard from in a while. My favorite astrologer, Anne Ortelee, says this is a time when we hear from our ghosts – whether living or no longer on this plane. They have messages for us. So if they come calling – talk to them! Or, we may feel like reaching out to those we have’t talked to in a while. Reach out! 

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Donuts, Aquarius, and The Shadow – Dancing with the Echoes of Eternity

Grief and the shadow have been staring me down. I’m seeing patterns, and more and more, time feels less linear to me, spherical, maybe even donut-shaped. Addiction, alienation, secrets, power, sexuality, envy, fear – the stuff we keep hidden – I’ve been circling around the subjects and diving through. I feel like I’ve been breaking […]

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Letting Go – or – Clearing your Karma (by the moon)

In the Don’t Want List is the photographic negative of the Do Want List. Like a photographic negative, the positive image is embedded in the reverse imagery. Write your Don’t Wants for the time being. Focus on releasing your Don’t Wants as the Eclipses process and release the karma, the drama, the events from June 2009 and June 2010. Release, release as the Moon narrows in the sky. Psychologically process the emotional events of the eclipse to get to the next chapter.

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