Saturn Square the Nodes – True Self and the Status Quo


I’ve been studying astrology since the late 80s – and this episode had me saying out loud, “This is why I love astrology! Because we get to the see the patterns of the human condition. And sometimes, we see the patterns of the collective.”

I was going to send this to a few specific friends, but then I realized that everyone should listen to this. 

Ari says Saturn in Aquarius Squaring the Nodes is about the feeling or awareness of repression of our selves, our needs, our wants – in order to feel safe, in order to keep up with the status quo, in order to hang on to the thing you’ve built but that isn’t really bringing you happiness. It goes deep.

How to navigate change?  Sangha, or community and friends.

This year we are going to become aware (if we weren’t already) and deeply feel where we are restricting ourselves. Many of us have been restraining our true nature for years, but it is during this time that constriction becomes unbearable. 

He goes deep. It is really worth a listen.

In fact, this is worth listening to every now and then through 2022. 

Just know that if you are subjugating some urge for freedom, change or self-expression because you believe you need to in order to survive – everyone else is, too. You are not the only one. 

Saturn Square the Nodes

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Ari Mosh Wolfe  and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss “Planets That Square The Lunar Nodes”

You’ll learn…

    • What it means for planets to be square the Lunar Nodes
    • How Saturn in Aquarius is affected by the Nodal shift
    • What lessons are ready to be integrated through this square

Questions to ask yourself during this transit:

  • Where are you holding back for fear of exile?
  • What are you afraid of losing?
  • Is what your holding onto really good, or is it good because it’s what you know?
  • Where can you put down real roots?
  • Who has your back? 
  • Where/who is your true community?

Take care!

March 31, 2022
Dark of the Moon, Aries
Elizaville, NY


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