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Day of the Dead Tonight – Sojourn at the Underworld tomorrow

Tomorrow, co-leading a a ceremony ritual called Sojourn at the Underworld. Getting Scorpionic and Deep this weekend! For more info on the ceremony, click here. Completely in my element! Event: Going Deep ~ Sojourn at the Underworld When: Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 - 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm Where: Flagstaff, AZ (email me for directions at sacredfolly@gmail.com or visit the Going Deep Event and rsvp)


Rooting in the First Chakra

Sydney Francis and I are embarking on a vast project for releasing shame from our physical and bliss bodies, and inviting joy, love, and full-bodied empowerment into our lives. We are beginning this endeavor with a ritual that is a practice in deeply grounding our right to be safe, loved, happy, blissful, and comfortable with our sexuality, creativity, intellect, love . . . basically it's a celebration for the essence of what makes us each unique as well as part of the larger consciousness.


EVENT: Going Deep ~ Sojourn at the Underworld

Sojourn at the Underworld is an experiential ceremony where participants will: - be led through a guided mediation that will awaken the mind-body connection; - guided along a physical passage for releasing what is longer needed for this transitional time of the year and of our lives; - learn techniques for grounding, being in the moment, for releasing emotional residue, and for setting intentions; - explore the energies for this earth cycle; - ground our "right to be" who we are as unique and communal beings on this planet; - will practice and learn techniques for drawing in what we want to have in our lives; - integrate the experience; - share community and feast with the spirits!


Born on a Thursday #29: Summer! Love!

I found these succulents turning red along a crack in the sidewalk—change and beauty in an unlikely place. Where do you find beauty in unlikely places?


Born on a Thursday #27 – Finding Home

God, I love my peeps here. Honestly, I’m not that tough. Or maybe, I’m just tired of being tough. I am surrounded by a lot of people who love me, and that’s my choice. It’s taken years to cultivate my relationships - and then some of my new relationships have fallen into place so easily I can hardly believe it! Though I do believe it, because I experience it.


Born on a Thursday #26 – Moment of Zen

Meditation and challenge together — though meditation can be challenging, is a "meditation challenge" a paradox? Hmm.


Born on a Thursday #25 ~ Home Sweet Home

Autumn is a good time for hugging and cuddling up. And hiking. I intend to get hiking and much hugging in this weekend — two of my favorite activities!


Born on a Thursday #21 – Saturday is the new Thursday

I know it's Saturday. It has been a super hectic week. Lots of plans were made, and then many had to be changed because I couldn't do them all. This Saturday, I decided to rest. I napped a lot. Vacuumed the floors. Did things around the house to ground myself. It was the perfect thing ...


Born on a Thursday #19: Sunset Strolling

I keep coming across surprises - like this yarn bomb tonight. It looks like a southwestern sunset. And behind it, reflecting in the window - actually is the sunset.


Born on a Thursday #18: little girl love note and a jar of flowers

I wrote a piece a few weeks ago called now that you're all grown up, who is your tribe?. That was the day before I moved from Phoenix to Flagstaff. The week gearing up to that day I was set to move to New York, and then a few of my plans changed and I decided, nope, ...