Rewinding the Cosmic Clock

Surfing the cosmic waves for maximum effect.

In what ways is your life changing? Can you let the changes be enjoyable?

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Synchronicity, juicy downloads, and healing! Co-Creating with the Cosmos

Cosmic Communication and the Gemini Connection I received a very sweet message regarding last month’s Co-Creating with the Cosmos – Gemini exploration! I am so excited as I prepare this month’s Cancer Lunar Exploration. Resonance and Harmony Anna from Los Angeles wrote: “I LOVED the whole experience!!! Thank you so much! I got so many […]

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Transcendental Groove with the New Moon in Gemini

I felt different. I felt alive. I felt good.

That feeling of shift, change, transformation – I love it! I tapped into something that has been dormant, and I am excited to fold that energy into my life (and art and music and teaching) in a more conscious way.

Have you done any intentions for the New Moon?

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Co-Creating with the Cosmos – Lunar Lesson for Gemini

Gemini is a much more light-hearted energy than all the earth energy we have been dealing with – though over the next few months we’ll have Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the New Moon squaring Neptune and Mars in Pisces, creating the energy of confusion. Embrace the energy of not-knowing! How to do that? Focus on your imagination and what you want to create. Very open-ended energy. Be like a child – remember how you used to play the game of Make Believe? Let it be like that. Be in that space of play, let it be real – you can always set an alarm to bring you back home in time for dinner.

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Who Are You Today?

Originally posted on This Is Who I AM:
This week, I have received several lovely Emails from several lovely individuals.  What I have noticed is that, in most of said Emails, there were statements the senders made that do not correspond to my experiences of them. Of all of them, I only know two of…

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Sparking Creativity on the New Moon

For three weeks, we’ll explore integrating intentions and the mind/body with movement, meditation, and daily writing exercises. Why three weeks? Because three is a lucky number, we’ll explore each of the seven chakras for three days a piece, and, I’ve heard that it takes 21 days to instill a habit. If you want to write, this is a great way to start a daily practice.

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Wild and Free Full Moon Message

Because Gemini is the Sign of Communication, a great Divinity to work with right now Is Saraswati (also known as Sarasvati), the Hindu Goddess of Creativity, the Arts, Communication, Wisdom and Self-Expression. Working with Her and asking Her for Wisdom not only brings your Spiritual Pearls of Wisdom, but it also makes Her Sister, Laxmi, quite jealous. I can almost hear Laxmi saying, “This bitch is not paying attention to me! Let me give her some CASH; that’ll turn her head.” Indeed, it will; even THE Deepak Chopra has stated publicly that if you want Laxmi to shower you with Financial Blessings, spend time with Her Sister, Saraswati, as that shall make Her jealous.

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