Lakshmi Smiling

Nika as Goddess Lakshmi.

Photo of Nika Belialina in red satin dress on red rocks directed by Nika Belialina.*

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Embodying Shakti: aha Exchange with Rachel Heart

. . . there is Goddess Lakshmi who is just the essence of shree, of sweetness, of playfulness, and love in her essence. Oftentimes Lakshmi is honored as that energy of abundance, but I feel like on a much deeper level when we experience abundance as gratitude and compassion, that’s when you really feel it’s almost like a nectar – if you can picture nectar flowing through your whole body, it’s nourishing, warm, energy of Lakshmi . . . ” – Rachel Heart

Photo of Rachel – photographer unknown

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Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives: Back to Basics for the New Year…

Quite simply, Bless anything that you use or anyone in your life that brings you money and Prosperity. This includes, but certainly would not be limited to: Business cards, brochures, flyers, cell phones, Web sites, computers, flash drivers, printers, clients, students, friends, Metaphysical shops, Web links, newspapers, magazines, blogs, Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils or Blends, etc. If anything brings you money and Prosperity, Bless it; if anyone brings you money and Prosperity, even indirectly, Bless him or her.

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Prospering Power of Forgiviness, Gratitude, and Affirmations

Are you willing to persist, to refuse to give up on these empowering, Prospering, liberating thoughts, ideas, ideals? Are you willing to write them, say them, think them ten times a day, a hundred times a day, one thousand times a day?

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Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives: December News

Of course, please keep in Mind that the best activities in which to engage when Mercury Retrogrades begin with the letters “RE.” So, before you engage in any Ritual Work or SpellCraft, I highly recommend you REview, REnew, RE-evaluate, RE-examine and, most importantly of all, REst!

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“Nighty night, little bunny rabbit.” -more looking back

“Nighty night, little bunny rabbit.” And we all go to sleep, dream, drip. My heart is racing. I am going to forget about men altogether right now and just create create create. I am miserable and a fiend, a total hyperactive freak. And the Goddess is not coming out. The Goddess is shrinking under me. […]

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