Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives: Back to Basics for the New Year…

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse! I am adding and excerpt of another post from my friend Robert Alvarez . . .

AFFIRMATIONS. Affirmations are statements that you say, think or write to create positive, lasting change.  Ultimately, Affirmations are anything we say, think or write.  With that, I cannot urge you strongly enough to make certain that ALL of your Affirmations are as Positive, Empowering and Prosperous as possible.  When you Affirm “Men can’t be trusted,” you are NOT in a Positive, Empowered or Prospering State of Being.  When you Affirm “There’s never enough money,” you are NOT in a Positive, Empowered or Prospering State of Being.

However, when you Affirm, declare or state, “I NOW MAGNETIZE WONDERFUL PEOPLE THAT SHOWER ME WITH LOVE, TRUST, AND JOY” you are DEFINITELY creating a Positive, Empowering, Prosperous State of Being, and are charging up your Energy level to reflect and radiate that.  When you Affirm “i AM MANIFESTING ALL THE MONEY AND SUCCESS I DESIRE RIGHT NOW” you are CERTAINLY creating a Positive, Empowering and Prosperous State of Being and charging up your Energy Levels to magnetize your desired results quickly, and in Peace.

PLEASE NOTE: Affirmations work, but only if you use themSay them, think them, write them and do so as often as possible. Make certain that you always make time for Affirmations, especially in the morning, as that is an easy and powerful way to set the tone for your day.  Even five minutes can be the difference between financial frustration and Financial Flow.

BLESSING: Quite simply, Bless anything that you use or anyone in your life that brings you money and Prosperity.  This includes, but certainly would not be limited to: Business cards, brochures, flyers, cell phones, Web sites, computers, flash drivers, printers, clients, students, friends, Metaphysical shops, Web links, newspapers, magazines, blogs, Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils or Blends, etc.  If anything brings you money and Prosperity, Bless it; if anyone brings you money and Prosperity, even indirectly, Bless him or her.

Personally, I rarely feel comfortable recommending a specific Invocation, Affirmation or Words of Power to Bless something or someone.  Truly, some things need to come from your pure Heart.  However, for those of you that really, really need something along those lines, I recommend the following: “I BLESS YOU AND BLESS YOU WITH THE GOODNESS OF GODDESS (or God, or Higher Power, or Spirit, or The Universe, or any other term or phrase with which you feel most comfortable) THAT WORKS WITHIN AND WITHOUT YOU.”  A simpler, but no less sublime Blessing could be “i LOVINGLY BLESS YOU WITH LOVE AND LIGHT.”

With both Affirmations and Blessings, the more you use them, the greater Energy you are creating and strengthening.  In other words, the more you use Affirmations and Blessings, the easier and the more often you shall manifest Financial Fulfillment, Money Miracles and Permanent Prosperity.  But please, do not take my word for it.  Use and Affirmation or a Blessing once a day, then use an Affirmation or Blessing one hundred times a day.  See which one brings you more money and more often!

CRYSTALS: Crystals are some of the BEST Sacred Tools to manifest money and Prosperity.  Although there are many, here I shall tell you about my personal favorites.

First, the Amethyst.  Regardless of whether it is the palest of lavenders or the richest of plums, Amethysts are one of the best Crystals to use to attract both short-term and long-term Prosperity, Success and Riches.  In addition, Amethyst helps you develop your Intuition, so you can more easily receive and comprehend your Divine Guidance regarding anything about Prosperity.

Next, we have Citrine.  Although it can be a pale sunny yellow, the richer, golden yellow is the way to go.  An excellent Crystal for attracting money and Prosperity, do not be too surprised if you manifest Money Miracles even when you are unemployed.  This was the case for me, many years ago, when I first began working with this Crystal.  Although I did not physically manifest a new position of employment until three months after I began working with it, I always seemed to have money, and usually more than what I needed.

Finally, Green AventurineAlthough Aventurine comes in various colors, the Green Aventurine is the Money Manifester. My experience of this Crystal is that you physically manifest money through both your current position of employment and other channels of income (Self-Employment, freelance work, temp work, etc.).  The other great benefit of working with Green Aventurine is that it heals emotional wounds.  These could be from the ending of a romantic relationship, or from hating yourself because you accumulated debt.

Interestingly enough, Amethyst, Citrine and Aventurine (Green or otherwise) are all members of the Quartz family of Crystals.  The Mother of all Quartz Crystals is Clear Quartz (sometimes referred to as Rock Crystal).  This Crystal is EXCELLENT for increasing the Energy Levels of all the aforementioned Crystals.

Thank you–all of you–for honoring who I am and what I do.  If any of you have any questions regarding this Email, please do not hesitate to contact me.

May Goddesses, Angels and Fairies Lovingly Bless all of you and yours with New Wealth, New Health, New Happiness and New Year Blessings!

Enchanted Empress Blessings, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

Robert Alvarez,

Psychic Witch,
Creator of “The Tarot Tribune” and “Goddess Blessings.”
212-685-2848 (Answering Service, via TRS) (Email)
“The Goddess has plans for you.”

PS: As I was getting ready to post this, I received another note from Robert. He will be on internet radio LIVE – tomorrow and the next day! I think you’ll enjoy his quick-wit and his knowledge. Enjoy!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 3-4 PM I shall appear on Keith and the Girl. I shall answer call in and Email in questions. A good way to find out what the New Year has in store for you. You can go to for more info and to listen live, as their marathon broadcast starts at 6PM tonight.

Then on Thursday, January 6, 2011, 10-11PM I shall appear on the Cosmic Comedy Radio Show hostessed by Gwen Holden Barry (the Bountifully-Blessed Blender of the Daughters of Isis products) and the Cosmic Comedianne herself, the Amazing Nicole Tomassini. During this show, I shall talk about Goddess and Goddesses and how to work with and create a relationship with these Divine Feminine Deities. You can visit to log on to the show.

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