New Workshop this Weekend at the Firefly 3rd Annual Forest Gathering

Partner Journey through the Chakras – An Exploration of Energetic Boundaries and Exchange

With a partner, participants will be guided in approaching the boundaries and energy exchange of the chakras through sensory stimulation, movement, rhythm, breath work, meditation and spatial exploration.

Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat, water, and a friend. You may also want to bring a pen and a journal.

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Relating and Writing – Body Energetics and Creativity

The next workshop begins on the new moon – June 19th. Get the early bird discount by registering before May 31st. To register for my next three-week session go to my little “shop” and click on my workshop, “Writing the Energetic Body – Shedding Inhibition Workshop – June 19 to July 9”.

Also, I’m having a moving sale – so check out my cd – Journey through the Chakras. It’s now $5.00 for a limited time (normally it’s $7.00).

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Sandra Macintosh – Meditation Fan!

I have to say that the sound of your voice – doesn’t matter much WHAT you are saying – sends me into a deep quiet and a restful isness. I have to be very careful to have plenty of time to listen because it is so easy to “disappear” with it or within it. ~ Sandra Macintosh – sculptor (reviewing Journey Through the Chakras Meditation CD)

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Thinking about the August New Moon

It’s that time of month. The new moon rolls around and it’s time to put intentions out there. As the moon waxes, energy builds on the wishes. Woke up thinking about things. It’s time to ask, “What have I done/learned?” and “What do I want to do?” and always, ‘What is for my highest good?” […]

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Info Flier I Posted at the Flagstaff Yoga Festival

Holly Troy and Sacred Folly Exploring Love ~ Deep Play ~ Radical Self-acceptance ~ Joyful Responsibility ~ and Co-creation through yoga, writing and creativity workshops, energy, ritual, and nutrition. We live in exciting times. With so much change happening — politically, economically, and ecologically — most of us need to reinvent the ways in which […]

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