Thinking about the August New Moon

It’s that time of month. The new moon rolls around and it’s time to put intentions out there. As the moon waxes, energy builds on the wishes. Woke up thinking about things. It’s time to ask, “What have I done/learned?” and “What do I want to do?” and always, ‘What is for my highest good?”

The writing workshops at the Flagstaff Yoga Festival went very well. What a whirlwind! The first workshop dealt with the chakras that are more connected with our physical existence – and after it was over, I was TIRED! Grounded. Heavy in a way. The second workshop was dealing with the more ethereal chakras, the lines between them were less delineated. By the end, I felt light and energized. I was so happy to have ended the first with the heart and began the second with the heart. So much love flying around in that room I got goosebumps and felt close to crying.

Changes I’d like to make: Doing 7 chakras in one day is intense! I’d like to explore each chakra more deeply, giving more time to each one. More movement, more yoga, more meditation and sound. I had about 25 minutes for each chakra. I’d like to spend an hour or two with each one instead. So, perhaps spreading the workshops out over 4 days – 2 hours each – or 2 days, 3 or 4 hours each. (2 chakras a day, and the final day integrating it all or discussing strategies to continue on with the work – starting writing groups or blogs, etc.)

So, new moon intention on the workshops:

1. Expand the work
2. Talk with connections here in Flagstaff to set up a more in-depth workshop for the fall
3. Talk with folks in Sedona, Scottsdale and Tucson (San Diego?) for winter workshops
4. Talk with folks on the east coast for Spring/early summer workshops
5. Canyon workshops

I definitely need to promote my cd better. I was so concerned about my workshops that I didn’t really promote my cd as I should have. On top of that, doing this on my own – all of it is new to me.

CD intentions:

1. Explore ways to promote the cd – be open for ways to get the work out there
2. Create graphics for better promotion
3. Feel good! I did it and it was fun to create.

I guess those are the big things on my mind. I’d also like to do the following:

1. Continue to expand my yoga practice by exploring through classes, reading, private practice, dvd’s, etc. I may take the Chakra Workshop at 7 Centers in Sedona. (With that in mind, I must intend for more income to do that)
2. Open to new income streams
3. Expect unexpected checks – and have gratitude (this works!!!)
4. Healing for my body so that I feel even better than I did BEFORE the accident
5. Following a more formal schedule for my own writing, yoga, creative work
6. Be open for the perfect car for me.
7. Yoga workshops collaborating with Laura Brown
8. Workshops collaborating with Brad Olsen
9. Collaboration! More co-creating . . .
10. Have fun.
11. Remain open and loving in my relationships.
12. Explore ways in which Randy and I can see each other while he works in Wisconsin
13. Share Amazon Herbs
14. Check in with myself everyday: What is my Highest Good?

There’s always more. Most importantly, act from love and compassion. I am so much happier when I see the world as a place filled with love.

This or something better is now coming to me easily and effortlessly for the highest good of all.

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I'm a rock-n-roller poet who left the Big Apple for the Big Sky Desert where I've been letting it be and grooving with universal love, singing to the gods, dancing with the muses and bicycling with dreamtime messengers. I like altering my reality through imagination, movement, breath, and makin' stuff.

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