Relating and Writing – Body Energetics and Creativity

The next workshop begins on the new moon – June 19th. Get the early bird discount by registering before May 31st. To register for my next three-week session go to my little “shop” and click on my workshop, “Writing the Energetic Body – Shedding Inhibition Workshop – June 19 to July 9”.

Also, I’m having a moving sale – so check out my cd – Journey through the Chakras. It’s now $5.00 for a limited time (normally it’s $7.00).

I am wrapping up my latest Writing the Energetic Body workshop. I had a blast adding more personal videos with gentle asana/meditation/breathwork instruction to help bring participants into the chakra of the day. I had so much fun with that aspect of the workshop that I am going to continue to create videos for my upcoming classes.

I learned so much from my participants, too. Their writing is insightful and heartfelt and often quite moving. I found myself moved to tears some days, and some days I was laughing out loud. Most of all, feeling a connection through written word brings me joy!

Normally I start at the root chakra and work up to the crown. We begin with issues of survival, and end with Divine connection. For my next workshop, I will start at the crown chakra and work down to the root – How do we manifest/recognize the Divine in the physical realm?

holy hand chakra – Shiva

(Update – January 2017 – This class is closed – but I am currently working on a more expanded workshop coming out June 2017. Stay tuned!)

Thank you for reading my post(s) – I look forward to settling in and reading, writing, and sharing more with you!

Peace ~

Here’s one of the videos I made. I think I need to practice this one today – almost too much going on. This is a good one for slowing down, letting go, and trusting . . .

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