Looking Back to Peru

It was my trip to the Amazon in 2011 that began to open me up to reiki in a bigger way than I had ever known. I decided to go to Peru with Healer 2 Healer to do work with a village in the jungle in exchange for medicinal and spiritual knowledge of the people […]

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Are you able to “change” your mind?

“Human future will be designed on how conscious we are able to make ourselves. If we can change our minds we can take hold of this process [of our role in planetary destruction] and halt it.” – Terrence McKenna film by Dean Jeffreys sacred plant ayahuasca. “grandmother”

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“Siblings – Peru” Hand-printed Linocut

I created this print for the people who helped me raise funds for my trip to Peru with Healer2Healer. These two children were at our clinic everyday, the young girl was very curious about the acupuncture and the reiki going on in her village. She hovered around the edge of the clinic while we worked—she greeted us every morning, and said good-bye to us every evening.

I am still processing this trip—there are so many levels of adjustment. First, just the aspect of giving healing energy and having it openly received is so beautiful; second, the amazon jungle is so full of life and healing and danger and sensuality—there is an enchanted energy there that seems to be lost on the western world; third, the power of the plant medicine that I learned about and experienced is still reverberating throughout my consciousness.

It is so apparent that whatever we do (especially as a collective here in the states – but even as individuals) has a ripple effect all around the world. I feel much more relaxed about my own existence and my ability to live in a good way. I feel like I went to a core place in my own being, am emerging slowly, but everyday am picking up speed—and I am ready for it.

Some of these prints are for sale. I am donating 10% of the sales to Healer2Healer, so that they may buy supplies, etc., for their upcoming journeys around the world. Hopefully in the near future, I will be able to join them again.

The print is an original linocut, pressed by hand with a brayer. It is made with archival printing ink and is on Arches BFK acid-free paper. The image with signature measures about 4″x4″.

I think creating this piece in a slow, laborious manner, helped me to ground my experience even further.

“Siblings – Peru” Hand-printed Linocut
Series of 50

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No politics, no religion, just compassion

Cauhide is a place that I imagine doesn’t get many “outside” visitors. It was wonderful to be welcomed there, and to not have an agenda other than to ease some distress in a place where the suffering of people is largely ignored.

Below is a video of Healer2Healer volunteer and reiki practitioner, Lynda D’amico. Though we share the same reiki teacher (Geordie Numata), I first met Lynda in the Amazon rainforest. Immediately I was struck by her gentle energy, and we became fast friends.

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Kristin Reed Discusses her experience in Healer2Healer Clinic

This is Kristen Reed’s third Healer2Healer trip. She discusses her experience with Healer2Healer in Guatemala and Peru. She practices reiki and auricular (ear) acupuncture. She was instrumental in keeping the flow of patients moving smoothly and was a great help to me and many of the “rookie” Healer2Healer practitioners in both the jungle and at the clinic.

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Last Day of H2H Clinic in Cauhide – Interview with Sergio

Sergio, a Healer2Healer patient who was in his 80s, is featured in this video with some of his family members. He received treatment from us over a few days. When he first came he couldn’t walk without a stick and he was in a lot of pain. As each day progressed, he felt better and better. By the last day, he claimed he could lift his arm over his head and “run”.

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Healing in the Amazon

It is very good to learn ways to help people who need it most and the power to heal is not about the money; On the contrary, often an illness appear that perhaps develops from the imbalance in our lives.

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