Looking Back to Peru

It was my trip to the Amazon in 2011 that began to open me up to reiki in a bigger way than I had ever known. I decided to go to Peru with Healer 2 Healer to do work with a village in the jungle in exchange for medicinal and spiritual knowledge of the people there.

Our main healing modalities were acupuncture, reiki, and massage. We were hosted by Paititi Insititute, and they brought some herbal medicines as well.

Sarah ready for our ride on the Amazon River

Sarah ready for our journey on the Amazon River

Right now Healer2Healer are in Peten, Guatemala – the birthplace of the Mayan calendar. Some of the people who I met in Peru are in Guatemala – and their posts have me reminiscing. From Healer2Healer’s website:

Healer2Healer combines Unification Maya with the continuation of it’s community clinic in Peten, Guatemala. The trip is in two parts, the first part is Unification Maya, which includes traditional Mayan Teaching. Past teachings included Nahual lift path meaning, Sunrise Ceremonies, and healings by Tatas. The second part of the trip is the Healer2Healer clinic in Peten. This includes unforgettable clinic days, 7 NCCAOM CEUs, practice and trainings in acupuncture, H2H protocol, Reiki, auricular, moxa, and cupping. Join us for the Unification Maya, the clinic or both!

Man, I would have loved to go on this trip!!

So much has happened since my trip to Peru. I am currently in the midst of launching a full-on reiki practice where I am giving reiki, holding reiki circles, and will be teaching reiki — as well as teaching yoga and continuing to explore the chakras and energy systems of the body.

I am certain I will travel with Healer2Healer again.

Below is a video of Sarah Swanberg, an acupuncture student who joined Healer2Healer last year. I got to know her a little bit, she is a very giving person — as was everyone on that trip — before the Healer2Healer trip she was doing work with Habitat for Humanity. She is a beautiful, clear light. She talks about her experience at the clinic:

(Update to this post – 4:53 pm, December 26, 2012: I just received an email from the Paititi Institute. Because of the massive deforestation in the jungle, the region where I did my work with Healer2Healer has become a malaria epidemic zone. It looks as if Paititi will have to move their preserve closer to the mountains. Here’s the full story.)

  1. sounds like an awesome experience… you’ve inspired me! thank you



    1. wonderful!

      it was an awesome experience . . .



  2. […] Looking Back to Peru Interview with Acupuncture student Sarah Swanberg at the clinic in Cuahide. […]



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