Last Day of H2H Clinic in Cauhide – Interview with Sergio

Sergio, a Healer2Healer patient who was in his 80s, is featured in this video with some of his family members. He received treatment from us over a few days. When he first came he couldn’t walk without a stick and he was in a lot of pain. As each day progressed, he felt better and better. By the last day, he claimed he could lift his arm over his head and “run”.

On the last day, he sought each and everyone of the H2H members out to thank us and give handshakes and hugs.

Special thanks to Ariana Arroyo for translating.

Carlito near the clinic. Sergio is in the background. This is the first day – before treatment. Notice Sergio’s expression – truly a different energy by the end of clinic!

photo: Holly Troy