Ever get lost?

This was in my email today – a message from Swami Sitaramananda of Sivananda Ashram

Self Remembrance
We make mistakes in life all the time: in decision-making, in relationships, and in choosing priorities when we are not able to decide between the voice of the Self and the voice of our own mind. Some cases of losing oneself or forgetting oneself are listed below to illustrate the idea and inspire us in seeking the True Self . . .

  • Chasing after objects of desire thinking that these will bring happiness. We have failed to remember that happiness lies within and is our own true nature.
  • Entering into interpersonal conflicts and having thoughts of hatred is forgetting to see the Self in others.  It is the same with our thoughts of inferiority or superiority when compared to others.
  • Becoming dependent in relationship to the point of losing one’s self respect, leading us to fear and abuse is forgetting one’s Self.
  • Losing oneself in addictions is Self destruction.
  • Losing oneself in the memories of the Past and acting out of the Past is Self Forgetfulness.
  • Fearing the Future and becoming anxious and stressful is forgetting one’s capacity to be in the fulfilled Present.
  • Depending on other people’s opinion of us is losing one’s Self in the illusions of name and fame.
  • Wanting to please others is losing one’s Self and not remembering that the Self is in all.
  • Forgetting the Self makes us weak and ungrounded. This means we live in the illusions of others. Remembering the Self in all will make us strong, balanced and interdependent.

Vedanta is the philosophy of Unity in Diversity and teaches us many techniques of Self Enquiry and Self Love.