Born on a Thursday #22 – What do I know?

So yeah – I was on vacation last week. And this is the first vacation that I have had in years. I didn’t go very far – but I had a journey that was intensely breath-taking, soul-touching, and heart-opening. I’m seeing aspects of my life from a new perspective, and have shifted ideas on surrender […]

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Desert Captured in a Bead

More instagram fun.

Check out the piece on his site for details . . .

Matagi has been making these bead pendants lately that just get more beautiful with each new piece. It’s amazing that they are hand-crafted. One-of-a-kind – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This one is so colorful and vibrant, I love it.

I want him to make barretts for me now that I can pin my hair up in all kinds of fun ways.

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Fire and Rain (via sorensen silver fine art)

I think I am falling in love with this piece – apropo after all the fires in Arizona this year. Now it’s finally starting to rain, maybe after the monsoons the grey/orange haze from the fires will have left the sky. In the meantime, there’s fire and rain. Fire and Rain nine color serigraph series […]

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if I don’t make a break for it

I will miss the red orange glow of sunset, long purple shadows and turtle doves and rabbits, the smell of creosote and orange blossoms, I will miss looking up at the sky and seeing a million stars.

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