Desert Captured in a Bead

I’ve been moving – boxes everywhere, and I’m still traveling up north for work while I look for employment in Phoenix – I’m utterly discombobulated. Still, I’m feeling great!

I left my camera battery in the Verde Valley, so, no camera. Matagi has some new pieces that will most likely sell before I see him again – they are just so gorgeous! I had to document them.

I took these with my cell . . .

Fiery copper, fine silver, and turquoise shadowbox bead pendant. I love this!

More instagram fun.

Check out the piece on his site for details . . .

Matagi has been making these bead pendants lately that just get more beautiful with each new piece. It’s amazing that they are hand-crafted. One-of-a-kind – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This one is so colorful and vibrant, I love it. The beauty of the southwest is encapsulated in a pendant.

I want him to make barretts for me now that I can pin my hair up in all kinds of fun ways.